The protein: do I need it for weight loss?

The protein: do I need it for weight loss?

If you have ever visited gyms or fitness clubs, you probably noticed what a large assortment of protein they offer there. And many order a protein shake with random taste immediately after training. Why you need to add protein shakes to your diet? How does it influence our body and health?

Protein benefits

Any protein, as a constructor, consists of many small blocks – amino acids. Some of them can be synthesized in the human body on their own, but some (the so-called essential amino acids) we must receive with food. When we eat meat or beans, the protein that we received is disassembled into blocks, which are then reconnected, but in different combinations and sequences, forming the cells and tissues of the body.

The need for protein while losing weight

One of the most popular diets is the protein diet. During this diet, we need to eat a lot of food, which contains protein and a small number of carbohydrates.

According to the principle, protein performs the same role. The only difference is that you do not need to eat a lot of food and still get carbohydrates, albeit in small quantities. When consuming protein, you get concentrated protein without carbohydrates.

 In addition to this, there are several factors how protein will help you to lose weight:

• during the period of weight loss, the body receives a small number of calories. This leads to a protein deficiency in the body. The results of this are rather deplorable: deterioration of protein synthesis, decreased immunity, premature aging, poor skin condition, loss of its elasticity;

• Protein is a building material for muscles. Therefore, when your body does not receive protein, it starts processes that burn primarily muscle mass, and only then fat;

• With a lack of protein, the body burns part of the fat to take energy from somewhere. But at the same time, he actively conducts fat synthesis. In other words, the body begins to make fat reserves, which turn into the same extra pounds. The advantages of the protein are that it contains amino acids that prevent the active synthesis of fats;

• with all this, protein significantly satisfies the feeling of hunger.

Pros and cons of protein for weight loss:

• The first type is the whey. It is quickly acquired by muscles, contains many amino acids, but at the same time makes 60% of protein;

• Whey protein isolate. It undergoes the highest degree of purification and contains 90% of protein elements;

• Whey protein hydrolyzate. Pros: contains the maximum amount of protein (95-98%). Cons: expensive, has a bitter taste;

• Casein. Pros: slow in the speed of assimilation. Therefore, it is better to take it at night, which will allow your muscles to get protein at night. Cons: contains 60% protein elements;

• Egg. Pros: does not contain fats and carbohydrates, and also does not contain cholesterol. The downside is the high cost;

• Soy. Pros: suitable for vegetarians and people allergic to animal protein, has low-calorie content and is quite cheap. Cons: a small number of amino acids, not very nutritious, only 50% protein;

• Complex protein. Pros: contains all kinds of proteins. Cons: high cost.

Some rules

1. To lose weight with protein, you need to use protein instead of meals or instead of snacks. Physiologists say that no matter what meal you want to replace with a protein shake: breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is not important. But it is extremely important to eat protein-rich foods: meat, fish, soy, boiled eggs;

2. For proper weight loss, a person needs to take 1.5-2 gr of protein per 2 pounds of body weight. On average, you get 1 gr of protein per 2 pounds of weight with food, but the same amount remains to be taken;

3. You need to exclude sweets, pastries, any product that contains sugar and it in its pure form from our diet. These are additional carbohydrates, which means – your extra pounds;

4. If you take a protein drink an hour before your workout, then the protein will have time to absorb only 40%. Therefore, for the protein to be fully absorbed, drink the protein two hours before the start of the workout. An hour before training, you can eat some fruit. So you will get maximum results from both protein and training;

5. Take protein 3 times a day: in the morning, 2 hours before training and for 20-30 minutes after training. We recommend combining morning protein intake with vitamin intake. This will help stimulate the body to burn body fat. Taking protein before the workout will saturate your muscles with protein and improve the quality of your workouts. Protein after training is very important, as it allows you to restore protein balance in the body and give the athlete the energy that he spent during strength exercises.

6. To prepare a protein drink, you need to mix 1 scoop of protein with water in a shaker. We recommend adding 0% fat milk instead of water because it tastes better with milk. Do not forget to drink water.

7. Do not make a cocktail using a blender, and do not stir the protein powder with a spoon in a glass. It still does not help get rid of lumps. We recommend using a shaker for mixing because it gives the mixture a better consistency.

To lose extra pounds quickly and correctly, you just need to choose the right protein, eat healthy foods with high protein content and do exercise. Then you will achieve an excellent result.

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