Drinking water for weight loss

Drinking water for weight loss

We are trying to keep fit, doing sports, try various diets. And very often we forget about the need to maintain a water balance. How to drink water to lose weight? To provide moisture to the body, we have to follow the rules we provide here.

What water is better for losing weight

Water from the body is constantly excreted with exhaled air. Water containing any additives used in the form of juice or tea causes a diuretic effect and does not linger. But using tap water is also not recommended. It may contain chlorine, ammonia and other harmful elements. Therefore, deciding how to drink water, you need to make the right choice:

• The best option is water from proven natural sources, artesian wells, and springs. In the city, it is sold in bottles. A good filter can solve the problem with tap water, but in no case distillation;

• Do not use soda (because of sugar) or mineral water when losing weight.

How does water help us?

• regulates the temperature of our body;

• removes decay products from the body, flushes it from the inside;

• delivers nutrients, oxygen, and glucose to cells;

• gives natural hydration to the skin and other tissues;

• makes joints more flexible and helps strengthen muscles;

• regulates digestion.

How much to drink water to lose weight?

On average 30 ml per 2 pounds of weight. If you weigh 140 pounds, your norm of water is 2100 ml per day. If your weight is 200 pounds, then the norm of water for you is 3 liters per day. You should not drink more than your norm, this is also not right and sometimes dangerous.

When to drink water?

Water is best to drink 20-30 minutes before meals and 1-1.5 hours after eating. Drinking water during meals and immediately after meals is not recommended, as it impairs digestion. 

How to drink water to lose weight?

Drink water in small portions throughout the day, every day and all life. In the meantime, start with 1 cup of water in the morning on an empty stomach. Divide the remaining volume of water by the number of breaks between meals.

What temperature should be water?

Water should be room temperature. Coldwater reduces immunity, causes drowsiness, weakness. Coldwater lingers in the stomach until it warms up to body temperature. Thus, water does not fulfill its main function of cleansing and moisturizing the body, but, on the contrary, causes edema.

How not to forget that you need to drink water?

Drinking water should be your habit. Do not think about what you should drink. Just always keep a small bottle of water near you: at the workplace, next to the sofa, in your purse or the car. She should always be in the limelight.

With a balanced and reasonable diet, proper drinking of clean water, physical activity, your excess weight will be gone forever. In this case, you will look great and maintain good health and vitality.

How to drink water during training?

Now let’s talk about how to drink water with increased physical exertion, for example, sports. At this time, there is a strong loss of water from the body, which can lead to problems with the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, so it is advisable to restore the water balance immediately and in the same volume as before training. Some people believe that you can’t drink water during a workout and immediately after it, but this opinion is wrong – studies have shown that in this case, the effectiveness of the workout is reduced by 10%.

However, pay attention that you should not drink immediately per liter of water, but in small portions with regular breaks, drinking much water at one time can lead to serious malfunctions in the functioning of internal organs and serious consequences (brain edema and, in the worst case, death).

Depending on the load, the volume of fluid consumed must also be regulated. When walking for 30-40 minutes, to fill the water balance, it is enough to drink a glass of water before and after a workout, when training at an average intensity in the gym 2-4 times a week, drink a glass of water before training, and during mental activity drink 4-6 sips every 15-20 minutes.

How to diversify water?

Are you agree that drinking water every day is a fairly simple rule, but only the first day. Later it becomes difficult to control the regime and you want something new. But you should not be upset, because water can be diversified.

Ginger water

Pour a few slices of peeled ginger with boiling water. Wait for about two hours. Water will be an interesting island flavor. In order not to be too spicy, add a few slices of ginger to half a liter of water.

Sassey water

This is water that helps the body clear itself of everything unnecessary. For it, you need to take one fresh cucumber, a few slices of lemon and 5-7 leaves of mint. Pour all products with cold water and let it brew for about 2 hours.

Honey Ginger Drink

Take 1 tablespoon of honey, 20 g of ginger and pour everything with a liter of cold water. Even though honey will add calories to the drink – there will be very few of them, because it is only a spoonful per liter.

Berry water

You can take any berries you like, as well as frozen ones. Pour them with water, without adding sugar and drink on health.


You only need lime and mint. Grate the mint thoroughly in a glass so that the essential oils stand out, add lime, stir everything well so that the lime releases juice, add water.

Citrus drinks

Oranges, lemons, and tangerines are very juicy and also rich in vitamin C. Diluting them with water, you get a great drink that refreshes.

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