Yoga for the perfect body: what do you know about it?

Yoga for the perfect body: what do you know about it?

Everyone wants to have a slim and fit body. To achieve a goal it is necessary to lose extra pounds, which is possible only with a certain physical load. It is not enough to do makeup, to attend cultural events – the physical component directly affects the mood and perception of yourself. No diet or special pills can keep the body fit. The best solution is yoga for weight loss. Yoga classes solve not only physical problems but also psychological ones. After all, the main principle that yoga helps to accept our bodies as they are. After just a few workouts, you will notice significant changes in the body – a tone will appear, endurance and mobility will increase, and you will always be pursued by a positive mood. This is the most effective way to quickly and right weight loss, as well as constant support for the required weight. 

Yoga will find a solution if you have several such problems:

• elimination of excess weight as a result of a sedentary lifestyle;

• acceleration of metabolic processes of the body;

• solving the problems of improper functioning of the digestion, peristalsis and the prevention of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

• removal of emotional stress;

• finding oneself in this world, self-awareness, and self-acceptance;

• as a result of solving all problems, there will appear good eating habits and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What type of yoga it is better to practice to lose weight?

• There are a huge number of yoga types, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for yourself. The most effective is a combination of several directions. The choice of yoga style depends on the characteristics of the body, physical fitness, as well as the psychological state.

• If you are a beginner and you need to practice yoga at home – choose Iyengar yoga. This direction will help to find balance and to feel strength already in the first stage of exercises. As the process simplifies, when you feel the strength in performing asanas, you can start Ashtanga Yoga. If you have been in this area for more than one year, choose dynamic directions, like yoga vinyasa.

Do not forget about breathing techniques and meditation. During yoga, the respiratory system improves, breathing is restored faster with intense physical exertion. Also, everyone knows that with deep breathing, calories are burned, the removal of toxins from the body is accelerated, the excretory and digestive systems work.

Let’s start

The path to losing weight begins first with a complete transformation of the psychological attitude to the body. To reconsider the attitude to oneself, one’s the physical shell – this is exactly what yoga creates. A weight-loss begins with your thoughts. Setting the energy in the right direction allows you to start getting a positive result. Among other things, you need to create the right nutrition plan and adhere to regular exercise. Yoga in terms of sports helps to include all types of muscles in the work and work out the “problem areas” as much as possible.

The effect of yoga for weight loss

With active breathing and performing dynamic yoga asanas, a complete supply of oxygen to the body cells occurs to reduce weight.

• metabolism works better, the process of burning calories is normalized;

• proper functioning of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract allows to remove toxins from the body, and also stimulates metabolism;

• reduced feeling of tiredness and drowsiness;

Constant physical activity helps to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin as with a diet. The body becomes elastic and resilient. 

Why does yoga help to lose weight?

The fundamental principle of yoga is balance. Throughout the practice, you will look for exactly it: both in the literal sense of the word and figuratively. And this is very cool because you will need it to lose weight to a certain weight and keep it.

For example, many different diets and workouts help to get rid of a couple of pounds in just a couple of weeks. But as soon as you return to your usual diet, on the second day these pounds will return. This is because such a stressful regimen is not natural for you; it is impossible to follow it for a long time. All these experiments are fraught with a reserve of fat and nervous breakdowns. Why? – Because they are not based on balance, but on the desire to lose weight as soon as possible.

Besides, yoga works actively with internal organs. Performing most asanas allows you to establish digestion, speed up the fat burning process, and establish a hormonal background. Proper breathing and performing postures help to effectively deal with depression, which is one of the main causes of overeating and, therefore, overweight. Yes, this does not work right away and it takes time for the process to begin. But as soon as this happens, do not hesitate, you will begin to lose weight.

This non-instant effect has a big advantage. Often people who are concerned about weight loss begin to starve, lose weight, but instead of a slim and beautiful figure, they get saggy skin and a haggard look. By doing yoga, you will lose weight at a slower pace, but the weight will go away evenly and without damage to health.

Nutrition rules

Without a special diet, waiting for the effect of yoga is useless. So, you will lose motivation. Do yoga while eating fast food?

1. Drink 100 ml every hour

Drink water in small portions every hour. The most effective is 100 milliliters. This volume is best absorbed at a time by the body and cells. Anything more will already be an additional burden on the kidneys.

2. Tea and coffee are “in the red”

You can install an application such as a water balance on your smartphone. It is calculated by reference to height, weight, physical activity, daily routine. Let us clarify: when we drink clean water, the percentage is added. Milk and juice are also a plus. But tea, coffee, and alcohol take away these percentages. That is, they also remove water, which we, perhaps, do not drink at all during the day.

3. Breakfast should be warm

This is necessary to start the process of digestion and metabolism. So you woke up. For an hour, be sure to have breakfast so that your brain receives glucose (if this does not happen, it will get out and take it, for example, from the liver, thereby destroying it). The best solution is a porridge made from whole grains. In the finished porridge, it is good to add butter. You can fruit. But according to ancient Indian medicine: raw with non-raw cannot be mixed. Fruits can be doused or thrown into the porridge while it is still cooking.

If you have a workout in the morning and you can’t have breakfast, drink a glass of water with honey, this will support you and your brain. And, of course, it will help to lose weight.

4. Do not forget about lunch

The lunch is the best time when you can eat all you want. During the day, the “fire” of digestion is switched on to maximum mode. All the food that you ate will be digested and assimilated and you won’t gain new pounds.

5. Welcome to the kitchen after 6 p.m.!

Remember, that dinner should be light. Drink it! The statement that you can’t eat after 6 in the evening is a myth. It all depends on your schedule. If you go to bed after 23, you should have a late dinner! With an empty stomach, you can fall asleep, but with a feeling of hunger, it is impossible. Therefore, you can eat cream soup, and it is better to drink a glass of milk with honey or cocoa with cream. After an hour and a half, the stomach will empty.

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