best probiotics for weight loss

Best probiotics for weight loss 2019

Some people overeat with high-calorie food daily and stay slim. Others watch their diets and torture the body with hard physical activity but do not lose weight. And if they lose weight then – after a while gets it again.

As usual, we attribute this phenomenon to heredity. However, the body’s ability to be in a balance depends not on genetics but on the health of microflora in the intestines – bacteria that live in symbiosis with humans and are actively involved in the digestion process.

Everyone speaks about the benefits of probiotics: from producers of yogurts to cosmetologists. Let’s deal with the matter.

What are Probiotics? and why are they important?

Scientifically probiotics are bacteria and microorganisms, which are very useful for our digestive system. In small quantities, they positively affect the body; they can be consumed in the form of food or as a supplement to the main diet. In our body, there are many bacteria that can be necessary and harmful.  The role of probiotics is regulating the balance in this system.

The number of useful microbes in our body is higher than a number of harmful bacteria. Their “main task” is to improve not only the digestion, but also the immune and nervous systems, the production of enzymes and vitamins and, as a result, the regulation of metabolism. Many of us have noticed that after severe stress we are inclined to overeat or the opposite way to stop eating. This is all happening because of a malfunction in the digestive and nervous systems. Such changes pose a threat to health and moreover weight gain, diarrhea, inflammation, rashes, etc.

Our body produces enough natural probiotics, but if you need to replenish or adjust their intensity, then you can do it in different ways.

Probiotics are to help us while weight loss. So let’s answer these questions:

how can probiotics help me to lose weight?

Probiotics, as indicated above, have certain functions in our bodies. Interacting with other trace elements, they affect the result that our body needs. Probiotics are necessary for:

1. dealing with chemical compounds that can cause inflammation in the body.

Inflammation occurs due to the effect of endotoxins on the body. As a result, excess weight and rashes appear. Probiotics act upon these chemicals (lipopolysaccharide or lipooligosaccharide) and neutralize them. Probiotics cover an intestinal lining to protect against toxins;

2.  organism’s ability to absorb nutrients and avoid overeating

When the number of “bad” bacteria exceeds the number of beneficial ones, the intestines do not absorb nutrients from food and we overeat. This phenomenon does not depend on how good our diet is.

Probiotics control the normal absorption of essential trace elements. Weight gaining depends on the normal functioning of the intestine. With an increase of the number of probiotics in the body, we cease to feel hunger;

3. hormones’ regulating

If there are any eating disorders (mental or physical), the regulation of the hormone leptin fails or we ignore it and not perceive the brain signals that we are already full. Subsequently, we have problems with overweight and daily overeating. In this case, probiotics regulate the proper production of leptin and high-quality signaling to the brain.

How can I get probiotics?

As we can see, probiotics are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. They are produced by our bodies, and it is also possible to get enough of them from the outside.

It is very clear that probiotics have many amazing benefits to life functions and weight control. You can find probiotics in a range of natural foods as well as supplements.

Probiotic-rich foods:

·         Sauerkraut;

·         Kefir;

·         Miso;

·         Kombucha;

·         Plain Yogurt;

·         Apple Cider Vinegar. 

We will make the right conclusion if we notice that all of these products have appeared or improved as a result of fermentation. What probiotics are had at any time of the year at any grocery store?


This product appears as a result of bacteria activity in milk. This is followed by the result of fermentation and it turns out an excellent product full of probiotics. It is also possible to cook at home.

Fermented Vegetables

 It is all about Sauerkraut (Germany) and Kimchi (Korea). Perhaps these products are exotic, but very often the intestinal microflora needs their effects. Fermented vegetables are the bulk of the diet in Far Eastern countries. Maybe this is their secret of longevity?

Kombucha or tea fungus. This source of probiotics is also possible to make at home.

Warning and Side effects

Natural probiotics that we get with food can be dangerous only if they are used incorrectly (here about the combination with other products) or it was cooked incorrectly. Struggling to lose weight we forget about heed.

What about supplements? Supplements are synthetic vitamins, which must be taken very carefully and only on prescription. Self-medication is extremely dangerous. Ignorance of the body’s reaction to some components of the additives can lead to different consequences.

  • When using probiotics for the first time, some people afflicted with bloating or diarrhea. Changes in the intestinal microbiota can cause bacteria to produce more gas than usual, which can lead to these worries;
  • In rare cases, probiotics can cause a skin rash or itching;
  • With any type of allergy, such as gluten, soy, eggs, milk or lactose intolerance, you need to be careful with probiotics. Always check the ingredient lists to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Some manufacturers offer allergen-free probiotics. If allergy symptoms occur, stop using probiotics immediately and seek medical attention.

Changing the diet, you will restore the balance of intestinal microflora and extra pounds will start to go away faster. The number of probiotics necessary for the body will play an important role in this process. But this does not mean that you will become thin in itself. Help your body to lose weight with fractional nutrition and exercises.

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