10 days juice for fast weight loss

10 days juice for fast weight loss results

Do you agree that today there are a huge number of ways to lose weight in a short time and achieve the desired result? But these methods are not always effective and their results are short-term. If you are looking for a suitable way for yourself then this article will help you. In any case, consultation of nutritionists and other doctors is necessary to achieve the goal without bad influence on health.

Unfortunately, very often we forget about HEALTH. We suggest you consider a 10 – day detox on juices. The word “detox” is associated with rapid weight loss. Of course it is so. But this also cleanses our body. Let us explain.

Features of detox juices at home

Detoxification is the process of destruction and neutralization of various toxic substances by chemical, physical or biological methods. Detoxification is the natural and artificial removal of toxins from the body.

Detox juices has several varieties of fruits, vegetables or mixed. But it’s better to choose mixed juices because the fruits contain a huge amount of sugar.

How detox juices work

The detox program implies consuming only juices from fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs during the day. They are optimally absorbed by the human body and have a good effect on all vital processes. Fresh detox juices normalize the balance of all substances and help not only to lose weight but also to renew health.

In the form of juices and smoothies vitamins are absorbed well, accelerate metabolism and help quickly renew all tissues. As a result, the activity of all bacteria is inhibited, health is improved. A cleansing program helps to get rid of excess fluid and lose weight naturally.

How to drink detox juices at home

Now we will consider what products are best to use for juices and smoothies. You will think that we call your attention only to the fact about the beneficial properties of the ingredients for organs. Do not worry – the impact on the weight will not be long in coming. Remember that before switching to 10-day detox it is necessary to refuse heavy foods (about a week before). This is, to some extent, stress for physical and mental health. Therefore, you need to make your health a priority.

For cleaning the intestines, green vegetables, apples, lemon are the best choices. You can add a small amount of ginger and cayenne pepper to them; to improve your weight loss processes, use a smoothie with fruits – lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and pineapples. Add cranberries, mint, and celery to them. Cucumbers will help to add “mass” to cocktails. You can dilute drinks with green tea; beets, carrots, cabbage, and cucumbers will help to clean the liver. Add dandelion pharmacy and milk thistle to cocktails to enhance the effect. From fruits, apples, lemons, and limes are suitable. Ginger can also be added in limited proportions; greens – dill, parsley root, spinach, and nettle will help clean the kidneys and urinary tract. Cranberries, lemon balm, and green tea enhance the effect.

 Making homemade detox juices

Would you be interested to know some recipes for such detox juices? 

  • 6 apple+10 pieces of beets+celery+1 cucumber+one lemon+2 tomatoes+around 15 carrots;
  • 4 apples +2-3 cucumbers+small handful of parsley+2 large handfuls of spinach+one bunch of celery+1 teaspoon ginger;
  • 10 cut pieces of beets+1 bunch celery+small handful of cilantro+1 teaspoon ginger+2 lemons+10 leaves of romaine lettuce+large handful of spinach+small handful of parsley+around 15 carrots (juice last);
  • 2 oranges, peeled+1 lemon, peeled+1 green apple, quartered+1 cup baby spinach+1 leaf kale;
  • 1 cup spinach+2 stalks celery+4 leaves kale+1 piece ginger+2 apples+1 lemon;
  • 1 cucumber+1 cup pineapple+1 lemon+1 cup seedless grapes+1/2 cup parsley+1 apple+1 ming sprig (optional);
  • 2 medium apples+3 stalks celery+1 orange (peeled)+2 medium pears+1 sweet potato – 5″ long;
  • 2 medium apples+3 medium carrots+4 celery stalks;
  • 3 medium apples+2 stalks celery+1 cup spinach+1 cucumber+1 piece ginger root (1″ dia)+1 lime (peeled). 

*1 Recipe is for 1 day. Source: https://loseweightbyeating.com/10-detox-juice-recipes-weight-loss-cleanse/

To sum up, detox juices are perfect. It

1. Removes toxins

Detox is primarily needed to cleanse the body. It improves the systemic condition; you reboot and tune in to a healthy diet;

2. Aids Weight Loss

Detoxification will facilitate your path to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The first results of purification are always pleasing, but it is necessary to work on the body in order to delay the effect;

3. Fills the body with vitamins and minerals

Detox juices are composed entirely of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plant products. The concentration of vitamins in such products is high, so for several days your body will receive a sufficient amount of minerals, which you will get naturally from all fruits and vegetables;

4. You can determine which foods should be removed from the diet

For the period of detoxification, you exclude foods that you usually consume every day. This will help you to determine which food is not suitable for you or is allergic. After detox, you can enter foods in your diet to make sure which food you should refuse;

5. Resets Your Taste Buds

For a period of detoxification salt, sugar and caffeine are out of use. These ingredients enhance the taste. Your taste buds get used to it. With the help of detox, you will break the habit of these substances and “refresh” your taste preferences. 

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