Jennifer Lopes the secret of the perfect shape

Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020: The Secret of the Perfect Shape

May sound crazy but many of us awaited the opening show of Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Bright stage outfits, professional ballet, vocalists and the full-out show did not leave anyone indifferent. The crowd was crazy about them and we felt this energy through the screens.

Of course, we have to pay an attention to the perfect physical shape of J. Lo. Leather trousers and a jacket and after that flesh-colored bodysuit with precious stone accents perfectly emphasized this. The singer is always in great shape and she has her secrets how to stay fit. She commented on her diet and sports schedules several times in different interviews and we as viewers have an opportunity to follow her in social networks to know more about her daily routine.

If you have no motivation to go to the gym or change your diet, we suggest you to get inspired by the example of Jennifer Lopez. Unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve “J. Lo’s shape” only with a diet. 

Training routine

She always dipped her toe into different types of training and first of all focused on gymnastics, stretching and training of all muscle groups to keep the abdominal, leg and arm muscles in good shape. It turned out that J. Lo is a big fan of the Gwyneth Paltrow – approved Tracy Anderson method. It implies focusing on training the secondary muscles to achieve a perfect shape. During training with Tracy, J. Lo prefer to train buttock, squats, lunges and twisting.

There is no single complex of such trainings; every time Tracy selects new exercises. By combining exercises for the arms, legs, back, press, she sets the goal to rebuild the muscle structure to achieve the physical form needed for the dancer activities.

Tracy Anderson training lasts 1 hour and includes the alternation of cardio training and strength training 4 times a week.


Despite regular strength training, Jennifer Lopez prefers dancing training first of all. She says that dancing is the key to her happiness. “I am 100 percent sure that working out is a part of what makes me so happy.”

We could not miss the minutes of the J. Lo pylon dance. The shooting of the film Hustlers inspired her to this dance routine and she studied two months before the film starts.

To make the pylon dance to look light and airy, you need to make a lot of effort. First of all, it is needed to develop the upper body, which was Jennifer Lopez’ s main task. Her trainer Johanna Sapakie developed a complex for this muscle group, so it was possible to dance in two month. The superstar  said that she always remembered about her other daily trainings despite extra dancing exercise. 

Interval training

So what is daily J. Lo trainings routine? She trains with her mentor David Kirsch. He is very popular amongst celebrities as an experienced trainer. Instead of regular cardio, David Kirsch conducts intense interval training for them. Their main feature are the slowdown and precipitation of exercises. At the same time, there are involved different types of physical activity: running, jumping, lunges, squats, kickboxing. This is an interval training which is most effective for increasing the level of physical stamina and long-term effect. Such training is not monotonous, what makes them not as boring as other standard training. Jennifer prefers push-ups, squats and boxing. She always has an equipment for trainings when she travels.

Joint training with the groom

Alex Rodriguez – Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé is a former professional athlete. Therefore, Jennifer has no problems with motivation for sports. In his interviews, he says that they often have joint training, ride bicycles and do pilates. They are to find something that both of them like and that is a huge advantage isn’t it?

Food secrets

It may seem the J. Lo’s life is full of training only. What about diet?

The superstar prefers only products of natural origin. Processed foods, fast food, junk sweets are not included in her diet. For lunch, the singer eats a salad of green fresh, vegetables and fish. She strictly keeps a wary eye on the freshness and quality of products. Dinner consists of baked meat or cereals. Also, J. Lo eats a lot of fruit as a snack.

Drinks a lot of water and avoids coffee

In an interview for TV-show, she emphasized that it is important to drink a lot of water before training to have a lot of strength to perform different types of exercises and get the best result.vAs Jennifer Lopez seeks to an active lifestyle, she knows exactly how important it is to stay hydrated.

Due to the fact that the superstar observes a strict routine of rest and drinking water, she stays full of energy not only onstage but in daily life too. Water restores our body after exertion and helps to keep the skin elastic. Her other trainer Dodd Romero says she drinks up to eight glasses of water a day. Jay Lo said that she has not been drinking coffee for many years, which no doubt helps her face to look young. 

J. Lo’s brilliant performances are the results of hours of workout, endurance and a love of what she does. The superstar proves with an example of her excellent shape that you can get everything if you have ambition and an aim to achieve.

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