Weight loss patch 2019

People who do not have time to go to gyms or simply do not want to revise their diet are looking for other ways to reduce weight. In this case, a slimming patch was developed. There are several types of the patch and the buyer is given a wide choice: there are many companies that produce this product. In this article, we will consider the general rules for using weight loss patches and their most popular types.

How does the abs weight loss patch influence the body? 

The abs weight loss patch has a special, convenient shape. The composition contains functioning components that enter the body through the skin and trigger the procedure for burning body fat. Moreover, there is an effect of the renovation of the skin.

The body gets rid of excess water and the general state of a person improves.

Types of weight loss patches

There are such types of patches:

• Magnetic – a small magnet is in the middle of the patch. When attached to the skin, it creates the magnetic field. The base contains a concentrate of medicinal plants, for example, sesame seeds, hawthorn, aloe, etc. Each manufacturer himself develops the components that will be the basis of his products. Creating a magnetic field, the material improves the promotion of nutrients in the body, the protective function of the body promotes better penetration of active substances. The appetite decreases, the work of the gastrointestinal tract normalizes, and the body is cleansed;

• With microneedles – contribute to the breakdown of fatty deposits. This type of patch for weight loss has appeared on sale recently. Such a patch consists of many very thin needles that contain triiodothyronine. When the needles are resorbed, it enters, seeps under the skin, thanks to it, white fat turns into brown, and disappear;

• Coffee contained. It is mainly used in the presence of problem areas with cellulite, as blood flow improves, the metabolic process starts;

•Chilly pepper. The composition contains red pepper, so it causes a burning sensation; it does not apply for longer than 20 minutes at a time. It can be used repeatedly, it is enough to carefully remove and save until the next procedure. Red pepper is an intense fat burner;

• With herbal composition – they provide better metabolic processes.

How to use weight loss patch

Any package contains instructions that schematically indicate the areas of applying the material: in the abs, lower back, buttocks, hips, shoulders. It is necessary to avoid areas of the endocrine system and places with a hairline.

Application Process:

• Wash the necessary area of ​​the skin, dry well, apply an antiseptic;

• Remove the protective layer from the patch;

• Glue to the skin surface;

• Make sure that no wrinkles or air build-up;

• If necessary, stick the next patch onto an area no closer than 2 centimeters to the previous one;

• When gluing material with needles, slightly press down;

• After removing the material, the skin area has to be washed with warm water and wiped dry. If necessary, apply the cream.


The process of losing weight affects the whole body, therefore, there are contraindications for the use of patches:

• The period of menstruation, lactation, pregnancy;

• Do not use in children under 14 years of age;

• Individual intolerance to the components of the patch;

• Other treatment;

• Increased blood glucose;

• Renal failure;

• Damage to the dermatological cover;

• Do not use it on the chest.

Side effects

During the use of the patch, there is a likelihood of side effects:

• Rashes in the form of a rash or small acne;

• Redness;

• Swelling;

• Dryness.

If any reaction occurs, you should stop using the patch for at least two days. If the skin is not restored, you need to consult a doctor.

Advantages and disadvantages


• It is convenient to use (if you have questions, everything is described in the instructions);

• An overdose of the active substances of the patch is excluded;

• Does not interfere with body movement;

• You can not adjust your diet and not physically load the body (but at the same time, many nutritionists recommend a complex approach to the problem);

• Corrects the required area of ​​the body;

• Instant and tangible performance.

The disadvantage is that:

• The effect of the patch is only on the under-skin fat deposits, and the fat that is on the internal organs is not involved;

• Normalizing metabolism at the local level is not enough to address the problem of overweight globally.

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