Can I lose 3 pounds a week

The path to a forgotten dream: can I lose 3 pounds a week?

Ann Hoffman 
34 years
The hairdresser

Can I lose 3 pounds a week? Or maybe more? Often external factors make us change our lives. I was in my comfort zone and at some point, I realized that this prevented me from being happy. One road to work, one road to the store, and even entertainment became routine.

My psychologist said that it seems that I have started a personality crisis and advised me to change the usual mode of the day, perhaps add new hobbies. First of all, to lose 3 lbs, I refused sweet desserts. I remembered that in childhood I swam a lot. I liked it when my father brought me to the pool and for several hours I swam from side to side, periodically diving underwater.

Older, I went out with friends to nature and we loved to swim in the local lakes. The day after receiving a psychologist, I decided to recall my youth and went to the pool on the outskirts of the city. I was able to swim for a maximum of 20 minutes, and all because of excess weight, which prevented me from easily controlling my body. The whole next week I tried to lose weight for my next visit to the pool. I didn’t want to harm my body and I knew that sudden weight loss could play a trick on me.

Often in the evening, I liked to come after working with a cake and make tea for myself. I replaced the cupcakes with low-fat cottage cheese. Three days later, I asked myself the same question: “can I lose 3 pounds a week?” Given the morning runs, this worked out easily. I decided that I would only go to the pool on Sundays and record my results.

My second visit to the pool and what has changed over the previous week

To my surprise, despite weight loss, my swimming skills did not improve. This time I sailed 5 minutes longer, and it upset me. I started a calendar and called it “20 pounds in 10 days”.I had to deny myself sweets for a whole week, get up early in the morning to have time to run, I dropped as much as 3 pounds, and in the pool, I still feel uncomfortable.

My body does not allow me to control my hands as fast as I want, my legs are not completely dexterous due to excess weight, and my stomach prevents me from swimming fast! I wanted to abandon the idea to start swimming again, return to sweets and live my old life. So three days passed. I ate delicious pastries again in the evenings, stopped running in the park in the morning, and did not even call my friends. But on the third day, the voice of my psychologist suddenly spoke in my head, who repeated: “Change your usual life and so you will defeat the personality crisis.” It was decided that the only way to start swimming again was to lose weight as quickly as possible.

10 days before the Sunday trip to my favorite pool! 20 pounds in 10 days were the best option for weight loss, without severe damage to the body and very real to perform. I started a notebook and began to write down my bad habits there, which I would like to get rid of: smoking, eating on the go, a sedentary lifestyle, and so on. On the next page in a notebook, I wrote habits that I would like to bring into my life: have to breakfast, do exercises, eat at least 2 apples every day, walk 15,000 steps a day. I was sure that these rules would help me lose 20 pounds in 10 days, and if I was lucky, then even more.

The third visit to the pool turned out to be fatal

In 10 days of the regime that I came up with, my life has changed beyond recognition. Some dresses became oversize on me, I felt much easier than before, I was not at all attracted to sweets, and instead of a car or public transport, I liked walking. I even bought headphones for my walks to be musical. I felt that I was half less, but I still did not know how many pounds to lose per week.

I wanted to increase the scale of my pleasant surprise when I will see the numeral on the scales. To raise my mood, even more, I took a day off from work, went shopping and bought myself a new swimsuit (the previous swimsuit is no longer my size). Taking the opportunity of the weekend, I went to the beauty salon to the beautician and hairdresser. Further in my story, you will be convinced that I did it for good reason. It’s finally Sunday! First of all, before going to the pool, I go to the scales to find out the exact figure of the weight thrown off. It turned out I dropped 22 pounds.

Did I remember my question about how many pounds to lose per week? I realized that it depends on the initial weight because of the fat leaves in a percentage ratio. On one of the sites, I found a program that, based on your parameters, calculates how much fat and muscle mass a person needs. The free online consultation was connected on the site, I asked the expert how many pounds to lose per week without harming the body? I was satisfied with the answer, and without losing a minute I went to the pool. Less than three weeks have passed since the day I decided to change my life, but this time was felt like a few months.

I dived into the pool on my first entry and it was incredibly easy for me to swim. I thought that I had not yet reached my ideal shape and did not want to stop on it and while my brain was busy with these thoughts I did not notice that I had been swimming without stopping for as long as 40 minutes and did not feel any fatigue. I felt someone’s gaze on me, turned around and heard a sweet compliment about my new swimsuit. This was a man of about 38. We exchanged pleasantries, but it did not end there. After the pool, he invited me to drink coffee on Monday at lunch. And next Sunday we sailed together.

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