16 pounds of fat

Introducing CrossFit to My Life Has Saved Me: how many miles does it take to lose a pound

Kristina Redwood
34 years
Healthcare advisor

Every woman would like to be in my place: I had a good job, a loving family and no health problems. A year ago, my weight was 171 pounds. I was going to pick up my son from school, it was raining lightly on the street, but I was absolutely calm at that moment. Passing the intersection, a drunk and inattentive driver crashed into the side of my car. Fortunately, this did not pose a mortal threat to me, but after that, I was clearly born again in this world. An ambulance arrived almost immediately at the scene of the accident; they examined me and took me to the nearest department.

The doctor said that I severely hurt my knee and vertebrae, I need to spend at least a month with minimal physical exertion under the supervision of doctors, otherwise, I risk acquiring chronic diseases, such as osteochondrosis, etc. I did not want to suffer at such a young age, as it seemed to me, senile diseases, so I obeyed the will of the doctors. A similar lifestyle made me gain 5 pounds in a month. When my rehabilitation was over, I realized that I had a new 16 pounds of fat.

This is the biggest jump in weight in my life. If this went on, it would be difficult for me to walk and fit in my clothes. Lying in bed, I leafed through a magazine with images of sporting women and some of them had the same weight as mine, but they looked fit. In the same journal, there were studies of the body institute, with images of the amount of fat and muscle. The obvious became clear to me. Visually, my purchase of 16 pounds of fat looked different than if I acquired them like muscles.

Acknowledgment and beginning of troubleshooting: max weight loss per month

I was horrified by what I saw in the mirror: a sagging stomach, shapeless waist, and I realized that it was my chance to act! Like any inexperienced person who wants to lose weight, I began to starve. There were days when I was limited only to water. Thus, I managed to lose 15 pounds in 30 days. But it was not the max weight loss per month that I expected.

Along with the weight, my vitality began to leave. And I decided that I should try a different path to achieve the desired. It was a challenge for me. In one article, I read that you need to set exact goals for yourself, they will cause intrinsic motivation and help easily lose weight. At first, my goals were small – 10 pounds in two weeks.

To the proper nutrition, I added a little physical exertion at home: morning exercises, which took me 10 minutes, and muscle stretching. What was my surprise when I saw minus 15 lbs in 2 weeks! That was just the beginning. In the third week, I continued to do exercises at home, increasing the intensity with the help of light dumbbells and a horizontal bar. I couldn’t stop for the fourth week and I bought a gym membership. I liked my new body so much that all physical activity was just a joy. Time devoted to sports benefited not only my physical body but also my psychological health. Max weight loss per month was 25 pounds: my eyes were burning, I smiled more, and at work, I heard many compliments every day.

Time spent at the gym for weight loss

At first, I came to the gym 1-2 times a week, while adhering to the old regime of the day with exercises and stretching. The people around me also had their influence. The third time I met a charming girl Susie. She said that she lose 30 kg in 2 months. The average weight loss per month with diet and exercise for Susie was 15 kilograms. For me, this information sounded like a miracle, but a real surprise was ahead. It turned out that I and Susie are of the same age.

Objectively, I realized that I looked older. Susie advised me to do CrossFit and even showed me which exercises are best to start with. At first, it seemed to me like training firefighters. CrossFit was aimed at increasing strength and endurance, which burned a lot of calories in one workout. The main advantage of CrossFit for me was that it does not take a lot of time. You do the same exercises over and over in the minimum amount of time. The average weight loss per month with diet and exercise was nearly 30 pounds. In a new body, I began a new life.

My family is proud of me and goes in for sports with me, we have a healthy diet, and at 34 I feel like at 21. I am glad that the difficulties in life and the health hazard have awakened in me a thirst for self-improvement. Well, how many miles does it take to lose a pound? – it doesn’t matter, just start going and you will succeed!

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