5 kg in a week

Selena Gomez inspired me to lose weight: 5 kg in a week

Matilda Case
23 years
The Student

I really love her songs and creativity in general. I consider this girl the most beautiful in the world and I would really like to be like her. I began to follow her work almost from the very beginning of her career and could determine from a photo in which year this photo was taken.

According to my observations, Selena often changed images: long hair was replaced by short, light shades were replaced by dark. But the most important thing that was for me was her transformation in weight. She was never an Instagram skinny girl, but nevertheless, she caught the eye of many fans, men and women.

On the Internet, I often came across articles with the headline “Selena Gomez weight loss.” I started reading these articles and now I am grateful to her not only for the songs but also for her lifestyle and motivation for me.

In one of the articles, she said that she spends several hours a week on sports: 20 minutes on Monday and Tuesday, 30-40 minutes on Wednesday and 60 minutes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, the singer prefers to relax. She has a balanced diet, without starvation or chemical additives. Selena Gomez weight loss thanks to a set of exercises, yoga, and meditation, as well as a special diet that I applied to myself. For breakfast, you can eat a choice of several complexes: it can be rice with avocado, fried eggs or granola with dried fruits and nuts and low-fat yogurt.

Lunch consists of poultry with sauce. There can be any bird, but a turkey is better, you can choose a sauce to your taste: Dijon mustard, guacamole, red wine sauce. On another day, eat sushi for lunch, you can eat something from Asian cuisine.

During the day you need to drink a lot of water, and also freshly squeezed juice from fruits or vegetables will not be superfluous. I drink juices from cucumbers with ginger and carrots several times a week. Also in the diet should include protein, for example, from chicken, mushrooms, tofu. It is allowed to use dairy products and egg white.

The diet has a large list of foods that are not worth consuming if you, like me, want to lose weight. Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta, etc. Energy drinks, alcohol, milk chocolate, soda, ketchup, white bread, juice in bags, processed meat like sausage, salami, etc. I was not scared or pushed away by the conditions under which I must exist in order to lose weight. I decided if Selena Gomez weight loss, I can do it too.

In addition, I was inspired by her advice, namely: she says that you should not weigh yourself in the period of weight loss, it’s enough just to watch yourself every day in front of the mirror.

It is important not to starve yourself, otherwise, you can lose your diet later and this will end the diet; drink plenty of water, dance and stretch. Imagine that the body is a picture that you paint yourself. Do not forget to set aside time for yourself!

Motivation and inspiration turned me into a beauty

On the first day of my diet, a new leaf began in my life. I woke up without an alarm at 7 in the morning, began to do exercises. I found an online stretching course on the Internet and worked hard on my body. I made 2 collages from Selena’s photos: on one collage it was written what you can and should eat, on the second it’s forbidden products.

Also, I formulated my first exact goal: to lose 5 kg in a week. I took food very easily: I did not eat prohibited foods, and did not feel deprived of something. My nutrition, on the contrary, is better than before. A month ago, I could have a snack with a pie or dessert when I want to eat and I don’t know what to cook. Now I always surely know what dish will be waiting for me in the evening.

A veggie cafe has opened near my house, I like to go there for dinner, and then try to repeat the recipe at home. I became more sociable and open to communication with new people, and all thanks to weight loss. After 7 days, I decided to get on the scales, but suddenly I remembered Selena’s advice not to weigh during weight loss.

Therefore, I still do not know if I managed to lose 5 kg in a week. But I know that I was able to lose 15 kilograms in 3 months (this is exactly the period my diet took). Now I continue to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and stable weight, without loss.

And of course, I follow the advice of my idol and dance to her music every day. Motivation and inspiration work for the benefit of humanity.

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