Can I lose 5 pounds in 3 days

Can I lose 5 pounds in 3 days with Keto diet?

Rebecca Read
52 years
The Veterinarian

A diet that is not like a diet. Complicated explanations by scientists whose terminology is impossible to understand. It’s all about the Keto diet, and I decided to try it on myself! It includes a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates – 70-80% of calories from fats and only 5-10% of carbohydrates.

This is the beginning of a fairy tale, and at first you, like me, may not believe that you can lose weight thanks to this diet. But personal experience and statistics suggest otherwise. I started my keto diet with the desire to find out how it works for the benefit of the human body.

I found that many products that were considered useful in the 21st century are simply popularized information, half of which is a myth. Can I lose 5 pounds in 3 days if I don’t follow a strict diet and try to play sports? You will be surprised to learn that my morning does not start with oatmeal on the water.

I have breakfast with bacon, eggs, and other tasty and fatty dishes, which I simply could not refuse. Many celebrities, athletes, and even Kardashian follow this diet. People began to be afraid of fats in the middle of the 20th century when they should be afraid of slow carbohydrates.

A little bit about the keto diet and can I lose 5 pounds in 3 days? I eat whole foods: meat, fish, dairy products. There are also a lot of greens and vegetables, but only those that grow on the surface of the earth: cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, beets. Potatoes are a rare guest on my plate, but I still do not exclude their use.

If I wanted a sweet, I eat nuts with berries: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. Despite the calorie content of nuts, I eat them in unlimited quantities, however, only in the morning. The main component of the diet is oil: butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. You can even have mayonnaise on keto!

But do not rush to buy it in the store, only homemade is allowed, and it must be prepared without sugar and starch. In the first week I managed to lose 10 pounds, then 5 pounds in 3 days.

Prohibited foods on the Keto diet

There are not so many of them as in other diets, and with such a variety of allowed foods, it will be easy for you to refuse cereals, bread, and pasta. Fruits should be consumed only seasonal and non-imported. Exclude sugar from the diet completely!

When the keto diet becomes your lifestyle, you will realize that initially, your goal was not just to lose weight, but to improve your health and quality of performance. And it turns out you can lose weight even if eat is pork with sunflower oil.

But you should choose quality products. I am very picky about the origin and method of processing. In the store, I always read the composition of the product. And if I see “sugar” or something like that, I put it back on the shelf.

You must replace all trans fats in your body with omega-3 fatty acids. The diet also helped me get rid of the frequent depressions associated with hormonal health or just seasonal spleen. Advanced people treat depression with omega-3s and probiotics.

Do you like coffee? I drank it almost every day and thought that milk affects weight gain, but it turned out that you can drink coffee with milk, but it is better to try it with a little (MCT oil) it is obtained from coconut. Flaxseed oil, alas, is not as useful as it is commonly believed, it is a true myth.

Most fatty acids of this oil are simply not absorbed by the body. Oatmeal in the morning can start the “insulin swing”, as a result, you are hungry in just a couple of hours. Whole-grain foods contain gluten, and it is known. It can provoke a large number of diseases with frequent use.

Smoothies are delicious and interesting, advertising says how fructose is good for the body. There is a large amount of it in smoothies, but fructose can have a toxic effect on the liver, and marketers, of course, do not talk about this.

How I started the diet: my advice from personal experience

First, a keto specialist advised me to get tested for vitamin D. If you are often on the street and like to walk in the sun, then most likely you are fine. If it is not enough in your body and you decide to supplement it in the form of additives for the body, consult every six months and analyze its level in the body.

I stopped torturing myself with sports: the first attempts to lose weight began with morning unloved runs. I wanted to lose a pound a day: sports and fitness are certainly useful but do not force yourself to do it when you frankly want to sleep longer. Take more walks in the fresh air: walks on the street before going to bed will be beneficial for you.

It’s good if you have a person with whom you can spend the evening just in interesting dialogs walking in the park or just near the house. An important point is asleep. I used to have problems. I could lose a pound a day, but then also quickly gain it. Weight fluctuated, which was not good for the body. He was constantly stressed.

I called myself an owl. But in fact, I just had my internal biological clock broken. It is better to go to bed before midnight and wake up with the sun. Buddhist monks advise meeting the sun in the morning and seeing him off in the evening.

This is unlikely to help lose weight, but meditation will have a pleasant effect on psychological health. I began to eat only natural products, avoiding advertising a new “miracle cure” for weight loss. There are things that I added for myself in this diet: I do not eat 5 times a day, as many nutritionists write. In fact, at each meal, the pancreas secretes insulin in a small amount.

The more often you eat, the more often insulin is secreted by the body. Therefore, I eat 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening, in medium portions, fatty foods. In the evening, less fat, more vegetables. I lost weight slowly but surely. I turned obesity into a slim figure, despite my age and did it without much effort.

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