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My weight loss diary: can you lose 3 pounds in a day?

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Some psychologists claim that people who keep a personal diary suffer from loneliness and find salvation in the diary by talking to themselves. I am not a lonely person but still began to keep a diary on the day when I decided to change my life.

I will present my story in the form of my diaries and 90% of what is written will be the original version. Day 1: Can you lose 3 pounds in a day? How will you do it? Maybe it’s time to go to the gym? Or contact a professional to help you do this? Right. I won’t postpone it until later, I’ll take care of it today…

I went into Mike’s excellent coach. Tomorrow I will have my first training and of course, I’m worried. But Mike said that it will not be difficult for me, moreover, we will develop a special diet for me. Day 4: I get on the scales every day, the weight leaves very slowly, I feel tired and hungry. Today I had cardio training, based on running, cycling and jumping rope. We finished the stretching workout.

The duration is about 1.5 hours. At lunch, I ate a bar of chocolate and did not tell my trainer about it. I think this is an occasion to work on yourself even more. Day 7: Hooray! Today I was able to lose 3 pounds in a day. I drank a lot of water, training is much easier for me. Mike even increased my load! Day 11: Sport is gradually becoming a way of life.

Today it was very easy for me to refuse the croissant that was offered to me along with coffee. Speaking of coffee, it turns out to be even tastier without milk and sugar. I don’t know how I could drink this before. Day 15: Today is my first day that I started with a morning run. I managed to run 2 km in the park, I felt a charge of energy for the whole day.

After a run, I ate 2 cereal bars with dark chocolate. Mike knows about this, he allowed me to do it. Day 17: My waistline is 4 centimeters thinner. I can’t get past the shop windows with dresses, everything seems very attractive to me. When I was riding the bus to work, a handsome stranger asked for my phone number.

Life seems to be better. Day 21: every morning I run from 3 to 5 kilometers, I don’t feel like eating white bread and cakes. Mike recommended I eat more avocados. Frankly, I never loved avocados. But if you grind it in and smear it on toast, then you can eat it, and it tastes good enough. I can eat no more than 1 avocado per day.

Nevertheless, it boasts a whole combination of vitamins of the following groups: A, B, C, D, E, K, R. An interesting fact is that it is considered the most nutritious fruit in the world. Some tips on how I store avocados: the first thing I always do is take out a bone from the fruit. It contains many toxins due to which you can get poisoned; keep the fruit in the refrigerator; it may blacken at room temperature.

A month later, I began to lose 10 lbs in 4 days with an avocado

Next, I would like to continue my story for the reader. One day, I come to a training session and tell Mike how recently I fell in love with avocado, compared to how I had not loved it before.

And he helped me develop a diet that must be followed for four days. Its essence is that for four days you eat avocados. This is the best diet in my life, which also promises a loss of 10 lbs in 4 days. Save yourself a few low-calorie avocado recipes:

  • Salad: avocado, cucumber, redfish, lime juice, olive oil, pepper, green onion;
  • Salad 2: avocado, tomatoes, lime, garlic, salt, cayenne pepper, cilantro;
  • Avocado smoothies: avocado, banana, honey, chia seeds, coconut water;
  • Cream: avocado, lemon, natural yogurt, pine nuts, basil, cedar oil;
  • Sauce: avocado, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, basil, pepper;
  • Appetizer: avocado, low-fat cottage cheese, lemon peel, lettuce, dill;
  • Burger: avocado, egg, chicken, spices, sesame seeds;
  • Sweets: avocado, banana, prunes (if you do not like prunes, you can use dates), cocoa powder, honey, coconut, groundnuts;
  • Avocado toasts: avocado, whole grain bread, lemon juice, olive oil, cheese, cilantro, pesto sauce.

All of the above dishes are easy to cook at home. But if you want this system to work for sure and you lose 10 lbs in 4 days, you must remember the rules of “meal-time”. For example, sweets and toasts with avocados are best eaten in the morning. For dinner, you can leave the salad. For breakfast, it will be ideal to eat an avocado burger.

Why did I lose weight, but I didn’t immediately go out to change the wardrobe?

Only now I realized how stupid of me was to ask the question: how much weight to lose to drop a size? After all, this is a very individual question. To give an answer to it, you need to understand all the parameters of a person, including growth and the ratio of fat and muscle in the human body.

For example, one friend of mine whose height is 170 cm should lose about 10 kg, but for another human 2-3 kg will be enough to fit in a smaller size. I set priorities in my head and decided that I was not interested in understanding this issue, so I just wait until I feel that it’s time.

Instead of fat, muscles began to appear on my body, I lost centimeters, but they did not look like something global. Therefore, my first shopping trip to update the wardrobe was later than after 3 months.

During this time, I managed to lose a total of 45 pounds. Only through personal experience can you find out how much weight to lose to drop a size.

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