Rapid Weight Loss: Is it safe

We fore-mentioned that there are so many “fast weight loss” diets you can find looking through the web – pages. It is so difficult to choose the best option for you. Let’s check what diets are the most popular and how to match it for your health, schedule, etc.

Most popular are these categories:

Starvation Diets

In theory, if you make your body go hungry from time to time, you are teaching it to use not its glucose, but its reserves of fat as an energy source.

In other words, the body begins to burn fat accumulations, and therefore you lose weight.

In recent years, not only nutritionists but also doctors have been talking about the effectiveness of such a technique.

Many studies have shown that interval fasting is effective for both children and adults. With the right balance of fasting periods, you can reduce weight, but at the same time maintain health.

Very Low-Calorie Diets 

The results come quickly, in just a week you can lose about 10 pounds, or even more. Along with weight loss, health improves, blood pressure decreases, and it is easier for diabetes and high cholesterol.

Supplements and Diet Pills

For a long time, scientists and experts have developed tablets and medicines, as well as natural nutritional supplements that stimulate fat burning and weight loss. As you know, such medicine is very useful and valuable helpers in losing weight and facilitate weight loss if you combine taking pills with other methods.

All fat burning pills complexes for weight loss work according to one of the mechanisms described below:

reduced appetite, a feeling of fullness and satiety, to consume fewer calories;

reduced absorption of nutrients, in particular lipids, to consume fewer calories;

stimulation of fat burning so that the body begins active lipid breakdown and gets rid of excess fat reserves.

Does Rapid Weight Loss Work?

The following negative consequences may occur after a sharp weight loss.

Crepey skin 

Perhaps this is one of the most unpleasant consequences of rapid diets. Of course, we are not talking about the loss of 10 pounds – in this case, it is possible to get stretch marks, the appearance of which can be prevented today with various oils and creams, and if they are not helpful, the beautician will help get rid of stretch marks. When we talk about changing the size of XXXL to the smallest S, you should be very careful. With rapid weight loss, the skin will not be able to adapt to new sizes – it causes much discomfort. The only possible way to get rid of crepey skin is falling back to a surgeon’s scalpel. Smokers and older people will be especially prone to this problem.


The most common thing about such diets. Moreover, it’s not the number of carbohydrates consumed, which are responsible for our mood. According to the study, people who have been dieting for four or more years are more prone to depression than those who lose weight in cyclic. 

Muscle loss

This is especially typical for those who would like to lose weight quickly, in a matter of days, moving on to strict restrictions. Remember, such weight loss usually does not lead to long-term results. Besides, those who urgently “lose muscle” will get crepey skin, cellulite, and a slowed metabolism, which will impede the achievement of the result. Each pound of muscle lost slows the metabolic process by 10%. This means that food will be absorbed worse in the body and accumulate in the form of fat.

Weakened immune system 

Frequent colds, chronic fatigue, headaches, problems with the adrenal glands – these are just some of the problems that those who lose weight can face. According to a study by the Cancer Center in Seattle, those who are significantly thinner and have recovered more than five times in their lives have twice as weak immunity as those who constantly keep their weight under control.

We can conclude that rapid weight loss can affect your health negatively. Read our remaining articles to learn how to lose weight without harm to health.

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