Striving to lose 10 (or more) pounds

Forget about sweets

A bag of chips. Crackers. Chocolate. Get rid of all the harmful products that you are most attracted to, especially those that you already overeat. “If you know in advance that at midnight you will get to the cake’s leftovers in the refrigerator, you’d better throw them away right away,” says Brandy Tele, who lost 130 pounds after she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Instead, replace prohibited foods with healthy ones. You can it a couple of sweet fresh fruits for dessert.

Clean up the kitchen

According to some studies, the mess in the kitchen can cause overeating. Pay attention to what is prominent. If the first thing that catches your eye when you go into the kitchen is chocolate chip cookies in a transparent jar, you risk getting into a group of people who weigh an average of 20 pounds more than those who hide junk food.

Follow your progress

Keep a food diary and honestly record everything there to see where the calories come from. Research shows that with this method you can lose 2 times more extra pounds.

Find like-minded people

Social networks can help you with this: the eyes of friends and followers that constantly monitor you will help you stick to the plan.

Reduce portions

It is incredible how many people who lose weight underestimate how much they eat. Gadgets will help: for example, the application for the MyFitnessPal smartphone – to track the portion size; plate with the function of controlling portions – so that you can determine how much protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates are needed.

Don’t skip breakfast

Scientists have not yet proven whether this affects your weight, but people who have already lost weight are sure that it works! Almost each of them started the day with a serving of something useful – cottage cheese with berries, for example, or yogurt with granola. An early breakfast starts metabolism and you will be full of energy till lunchtime.


People who cook at home consume fewer calories, carbohydrates, sugar, and fat than those who do this rarely. If you still have too little time or energy, try the following trick: on Sunday, prepare a large pot of healthy soup – and eat it for a week.

Add fiber and fat to your diet

Fiber swells in the stomach and is slowly digested – which means you will feel full longer. Look for it in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Healthy fats (olive and nut oils, for example) – in reasonable amounts – improve taste, give you energy and help the body absorb nutrients.

Start training at home

As long as you are not happy with your weight, it can be difficult to get yourself to go to the gym. But nothing will prevent you from doing a workout at home according to your schedule – strength training, while the baby is sleeping, is a good option, right?

Add strength training to cardio

If you intend to lose more, you need to combine aerobics with strength training. Resistance helps build lean muscle mass by burning calories and maintaining metabolism at a high level – this is especially important when weight stops.

Do high-intensity interval training

Scientists compared regular workouts to those that alternate 8 seconds of serious workout with 12 second recovery periods. Result: those who choose high-intensity interval training burn significantly more fat. Because, giving all your best, you start fat-burning hormones. Strength training with a burpee, lunges, and deadlifts at a fast pace with a time-limited rest between sets can provoke the same reaction.

Take part in competitions

Testing your fitness abilities in a competition is a great motivator and enhances self-confidence! This issue is especially relevant now: people are training live on Instagram and comparing the results. Would you like to take part in one of them? If so, then find any fitness blogger and become part of his team!

Plan ahead

When you go to a restaurant for dinner, follow this advice: study the menu in advance so as not to order anything harmful. Studies show that people who visualize what they are just about to eat consume fewer calories in total.

Eat more protein

This nutrient is essential for building and repairing muscles; it makes bones stronger and makes the body burn more calories. 

Work on healthy habits

Variations in your diet that are too tangible can affect your sense of fullness and make you overeat, so let your menu be tasty and regular at the same time. The simple way is to eat the same healthy breakfast or lunch during the week and try something new at the weekend.

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