Quarantine workout plan

We don’t know about you, but the topic of gaining weight over quarantine worries us quite a lot. To understand what can be done for a figure during this period, how to eat and not get better, we re-read many encyclopedias on proper nutrition and reviewed hundreds of interviews with stellar fitness trainers. We will share with you the most effective tips on how to lose weight during the quarantine.

How to eat during the quarantine

Insulation at home protects against coronavirus. But it’s more difficult for a person to control the amount consumed. In addition, there is no physical activity. All this affects the appearance.

In order not to gain extra pounds in quarantine, you should drink more warm water with lemon and minimize snacks with nuts and fruits.

Breakfast should be protein. It won’t make you want to eat for 4 hours. Supper is better to eat no later than 19:30.

Quarantine workout exercises

Quarantine is the time for new habits. Breakaway from tablets and do some exercises. If there are no weights and dumbbells, no problem. Four-legged food bags or regular water bottles are a worthy replacement for equipment in the gym. And go to bed before midnight and do not lie in bed all day. The morning begins with moving jumps because of physical activity the other day is many times less.

To lose weight at home, you need:


This boosts the hips and buttocks and also helps to lose weight and strengthen muscles in general. It is important that during the exercise the heels do not come off the floor, and the knees do not go beyond the toes.

If the exercise has become very easy – you can complicate the task and do a jump after each squat. The most effective scheme is 3 sets of 20 times, it is worth performing every other day to provide muscle relaxation.


It strengthens the muscles of the arms, abs and helps to lose weight perfectly. If it is very difficult to do push-ups with outstretched legs, you can start the exercises while standing on your knees. When your hands get used to the load, you can move to a more effective position. In a day, perform 3 sets of 15 times.


This is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body. Strengthens the abs, back, buttocks and legs, and also helps to get rid of body fat. Lie down, inhale and exhale. Raise the torso with your elbows and toes. During the exercise, the buttocks and abs should be tense and the posture is even. The rack time in the bar is from 30 s. up to 2-3 minutes at the initial level.

Where to workout during the quarantine

If you didn’t even go in for sports before quarantine, then the energy costs were much higher. And in order to leave quarantine without +10 kg, in a form with a stable emotional state and good immunity, one must at least play sports during the quarantine.

Workout at home

  • Download the training mobile app, find YouTube videos about home workouts, sign up for an online fitness course – choose the one that suits your format. Training during this period should not be very intense and exhausting! The purpose of training during the quarantine period is to maintain health and fitness and to strengthen immunity.
  • Train with a girlfriend/friend via video, this will help establish a regimen. Due to quarantine, the life schedule changes, many start to get up much later, for example, but after quarantine, it will be quite difficult to return to the early hikes again, therefore keep approximately the schedule that you had before the quarantine. Therefore, select the exact time for training – this will help to comply with the regime.
  • If you have children, train with them, this is a great way to spend time together to diversify pastime in a closed apartment. Lifehack: children can be used instead of the bar as extra weight!

Top exercises at home: squats, burpees, lunges in different variations, push-ups, isometric exercises (all kinds of statics and bars), exercises for the press. Bodyweight is the best load, and training with your own body weight is sometimes more difficult than doing in the fitness room. Start with simpler versions of exercises. If out of habit you are overtaken by a strong fit, skip the strength training, but devote these 20-30 minutes to a good stretching or yoga. Cardio exercises (running on the spot, various jumps) can be done at home, provided that you have agreed on your workout with a neighbor from below.

Outdoor training

Stay at home to the maximum, once again, without the need, do not leave the house during the quarantine. Walking/jogging in the fresh air is possible and recommended, but only subject to safety precautions:

  • Alone or maximum with a friend at the recommended distance, without handshakes and hugs;
  • In uninhabited places;
  • If you are well and have no symptoms;
  • If you are not at risk and have strong immunity;
  • If you are properly dressed for sports / outdoor walks (so that there is no overheating or hypothermia);
  • If your workouts are not intense, moderate. Now the main thing is to take care of yourself and keep fit, and not set records.

You should be responsible and minimize all contacts: get out of the house, immediately get in the car, arrive (not by public transport!) To the training place where there are no people now (this may not be a very popular park for walking, empty roads, forest, embankment), run and immediately leave home. Since there will be new jogging places, be sure to tell your loved ones how long you plan to return and where you will run, do not forget to fully charge the phone before jogging, and you should always have cash and a bank card. Do not run in the center, where there are many more people. Do not run through the streets. The maximum is a stadium, and better yet a more isolated place. Immediately after training, go home.

It is very important to go out into the fresh air during the quarantine since not many people are able to withstand the complete isolation of the house, they often begin to get annoyed with loved ones, cannot find a way out of the accumulated energy, and therefore a change of scenery helps to switch. The main thing is to do this in places isolated from people, at a sufficient distance.

The most important thing is not only physical but also mental health and moderate-intensity sports help to maintain it very well.

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