Can you lose 4 pounds in a week

My husband left me because of my excess weight

Sarah Santana
36 years
Sales Manager

Even if you are unhappy with your life and things are going badly, you know, this is temporary. Solomon has a quote: “Everything passes. And that too will pass. “During the black streak in my life, this phrase became my motto. Once I found out that my husband was cheating on me. This happened by accident when at dinner he received a message from his mistress.

When I asked a direct question, he did not hide his connections, moreover, during the conversation he explained to me the reason for his behavior, and this was hidden in the fact that he no longer liked my figure, so he resorted to polygamy in a relationship and waited only that moment when it in itself becomes obvious. He did not want to leave me, because we have a little daughter, who was then only a year old. But I could no longer and did not want to live with such a husband.

We divorced, for a while, I took my daughter to my parents and decided to find out myself, my feelings and understand what I want in the future. Spending the first week alone was very difficult. It hurt me, but I realized that I was on the verge of something new. During the week I ate almost nothing due to stress. Can you lose 4 pounds in a week? This can be done correctly: through proper nutrition and physical activity. I lost this weight due to my stupidity.

And so I had no choice but to pull myself together and move on. I sat in the evening, began to pray to God, asking him for help. When I woke up in the morning, I felt a surge of strength and energy. I took my daughter from my grandmother, bought a gym membership and went shopping. My mother noticed that I lost weight by asking: “how much weight can you lose in 1 day?” I could not answer, because it happened involuntarily.

Sunday evening I decided to have a farewell dinner with my old life. I bought a lot of junk food, Coca-Cola and cakes. It was my way to get enough of this and say old life: goodbye. When I was shopping, I bought clothes that were small for me, for additional motivation for losing weight. Can I lose 4 pounds in a week yet? I could not give myself this promise, but I thought that I would do my best for this.

The week began with constant failures, I could not allocate time to go to the gym, because of my intentions I fulfilled the promise to do exercises with my daughter in the morning and not eat fried, fat and sweet. My activity also increased during the day. I started walking with my colleagues to drink coffee, did not wait for the elevator and went upstairs to the 6th floor (wasted time), but after the first time I felt muscle tension and decided that it was time to tone them up, and if I didn’t have time for training, I will do it as much as possible.

A week later, I climbed onto the scales and saw that I had lost as much as 7 pounds. Now I had the answer to the question, how much weight can you lose in 1 day!

How my life has changed with weight loss – I feel like Benjamin Button

I will not talk about positive external changes, any woman in my place would be proud of herself and enjoy her reflection in the mirror. There have been many internal changes in my head. I stopped feeling discomfort when talking with the opposite sex, the style of my clothes became much bolder: I started buying dresses with an open back or an interesting neckline. Girls, try you like it! I began to spend less time sleeping because my energy supply has increased significantly.

“How fast can you lose 20 lbs?” – exactly how many pounds I wanted to lose in order to be completely happy with my figure. I managed to do this within a month and a half. To date, I stopped the process of losing weight and turned my attention to body shape. In addition to weight loss, I wanted to fit skin on my stomach, legs, and elastic breasts. Only a year has passed since the turning point in my life, I feel that this year has not grown old, but rejuvenated! And how fast can you lose 20 lbs? Challenge yourself!

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