20 lbs in 10 days

How not to deny yourself food and at the same time lose 20 lbs in 10 days

Polly Stone
47 years
The cook

When you cook and work with food every day, it is difficult to resist the temptation and not try all the dishes that you cook. It also often happens that you just need to try to find out which ingredient is missing, how many spices, whether the meat is well fried, whether the sauce is suitable for these vegetables, and so on.

My experience is more than 10 years, and the weight before I decided that I need to lose weight was 264 pounds. To lose weight, I began to do not difficult physical exercises. I quickly got tired, probably because of my age, and I constantly had to reduce the load. The diet was not for me, because I am a foodie, and I like to enjoy delicious food. I stood at the crossroads of two options: either I continue to gain weight and do not leave my comfort zone, or I need to come up with a way to not betray myself, and at the same time begin to change my shape.

My husband supported me and bought a stationary bike in the house. I started driving 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Thus, I managed to lose 20 lbs in 10 days. For me, it was a significant result and I felt a change in the body. My problem area was the stomach. When I losing weight, it decreased significantly. In addition to riding a stationary bike, I added rope jumping, done 30 times in 3 sets in the morning.

I began to inspire and motivate myself and decided to independently come up with several recipes for myself and the whole family, provided that it would be tasty and healthy. My husband categorically refused to eat “dry grass,” he said, and I had to fantasize a lot to create a menu that would suit the whole family. I always had the thought: “I managed to lose as much as 20 lbs in 10 days. I am strong, I can do everything, and I won’t stop there.”

80 lb weight loss before and after my diet is unlimited

If your plans do not include refusal of meat, try to eat only non-fat meat, for example, rabbit or poultry meat. Add more fish to your diet, it is less calorie, while giving the body the right amount of elements. Add variety to the side dishes. Replace regular salt with sea salt; this is a clean, ecological product. 80 lb weight loss before and after, what did I eat? I want to share with you my nutrition for 2 days. Every day I change the menu and eat a varied meal.

Day 1:

Breakfast – granola with nuts and dried fruits, with yogurt. Coffee without sugar and milk, a small bar of dark chocolate.
Second breakfast (after 2-3 hours) – grapefruit, a cereal bar.
Lunch – baked salmon with lemon and asparagus.
Snack – 2 cottage cheese pancakes with fat-free cottage cheese, a glass of milk.
Dinner – mashed soup with lentils.

Day 2

Breakfast – oatmeal with milk, honey, and nuts. Sugar-free coffee.
Lunch – brown bread with feta cheese, salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with linseed oil.
Lunch – 2 bananas and low-calorie baking without sugar.
Snack – hummus with pita, orange juice.
Dinner – steamed chicken with vegetables.

This is the basic type of planning your meal for several days. You can replace or add some ingredients. You can estimate the difference of 80 lb weight loss before and after I developed my diet.

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