1 month of weight loss before and after

I wanted to make the world beautiful and I started with myself

Melissa Fox
29 years
The businesswoman

Communication and openness – with these words I go through life. I will not tell about myself sad stories associated with being overweight. It never caused me discomfort. The desire to lose weight was connected with my personal perfectionism and the desire to see beauty everywhere, I was to start with myself.

I joined the new rhythm of life very quickly. If you saw me after 1 month of weight loss before and after, you would not even think that it was me. It was easy for me to give up alcohol, without giving up parties, I denied myself the many pleasures of life by replacing them with other things. Scientists have long proved that playing sports suppresses stress, active leisure activities can provoke adrenaline, which in acceptable doses has a positive effect on the personality.

Can you lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks? – Fine, start with such a small goal. If you start to enjoy this process – increase the load, set new goals. Do not turn your everyday life into tragic stories, even when you frankly do not like something – try to laugh with these failures.

Dream on! Imagine a world filled with beautiful people who walk along beautiful and clean streets, travel on a beautiful planet! Isn’t that what everyone dreams of? After a year of intensive work on my body, I summed up: My weight was almost 300 pounds, after 30 days I was 30 pounds thinner, after a year my weight was 150 pounds. I am very sorry that I could not save the photo results of 1 month of weight loss before and after. My eyes were tired but full of enthusiasm, with which I am ready to infect everyone!

I no longer stop at the mirror with the question: “can you lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks?” I clearly know that I can. Thanks to my position, my business is doing well in my personal life and work. I wanted to see the beauty and saw.

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