A couple loses 400 pounds in six months

A couple loses 400 pounds in six months due to outdoor activities and art therapy

Megan Woods and Alicia Matthews
30 years/ 31 years
The makeup artists

A few years ago, my friend and I decided that we would no longer be jealous of thin beauties, and instead, we would become the same and inspire other overweight women as our result. Our total weight was about 600 pounds! Imagine wearing this weight every day, which was a relief when we went all this hard way to lose weight. In the summer, we moved to the grandmother Megan’s country house and decided to create new techniques for a whole month, aimed at our common good.

Megan asked me: “Can I lose 2 pounds a week?” I already had experience in losing weight and diets, so I confidently said that she could do it with ease. She can set a goal for herself higher! But she, for the first week, decided to limit herself to this. In the grandmother’s country house there were a lot of fresh and wholesome products: cucumbers, tomatoes, legumes, parsley, arugula, etc.

On the first day of the diet, we started with a fresh salad with chicken and spices. We wrapped the chicken in foil, added spices, and lemon juice and left in the oven for 40 minutes, then chopped finely and added to the vegetables, poured olive oil on top of everything. An hour later, we again wanted to eat, but we realized that in this way we would gain more calories than necessary, so we had to starve. It’s good that there were two of us and we could support each other. Knowing myself, I would surrender to the power of food after half an hour of my fasting.

Megan read in an article that art therapy helps to be distracted from unnecessary thoughts and stimulates the brain. When the brain is actively working, a person loses calories. We took out a large sheet of paper and decided to arrange it in the style of the cover of a glossy magazine, with headlines and our images. First, we painted our self-portraits. It was very funny because we do not have the skills of artists and our characters were more like cartoons. Then we wrote the headline: “The couple loses 400 pounds” – because we wanted to come to this result at the end. So we distracted ourselves from thinking about food, but the next step was to start doing the exercises.

On YouTube, we found vlog series with simple exercises that you can do at home and decided to start before lunch. 30 squats seemed hard labor, and even realizing how small it was, we were still happy and were inspired by what we were doing. After the squats, we started to jump on a skipping rope, it turned out also badly, besides we were hungry. And then it turned out the first minus of a joint diet – we were angry with each other, we got into a little conflict and we did not talk with each other for about an hour. After lunch, we realized that we had done something stupid because of strong emotions, and in fact, we don’t think so.

On this, the conflict was settled. At this pace, the whole week passed: fruits, vegetables, training. Can I lose 2 pounds a week? – we laughed at this question when we saw on Saturday weigh-in that we lose 5 pounds!

Can you lose 5 pounds in 3 days? – we can!

At the beginning of the diet, you always lose weight faster, water is the first to leave the body, so it is recommended that you drink a lot throughout the diet. Megan and I had a dispute, she asked me “can you lose 5 pounds in 3 days?” It was like a game that provided an additional incentive.

I was confident in myself, but was Meg like that? We decided that we will succeed in realizing this small goal, then we can afford to buy dark chocolate. We have not eaten sweets for more than a week and this chocolate was welcome. Grandma Meg said that in the morning, along with coffee, we can eat a slice, and from this, we will not gain weight. But we were so inspired that we did not give ourselves concessions.

The next week, we were much easier to squat and jump rope, to this we added the bar exercises and spent an hour every day swimming in the pool. We recorded not only the loss of our weight but also measured the waist and chest with a centimeter. We also stopped feeling severe hunger. We managed to fulfill our second small goal. Can you lose 5 pounds in 3 days? Thus, we increased the load with the advent of new Monday, and six months later we were able to become slim and beautiful blondes. +1 a fulfilled dream.

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