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Love yourself: a healing journey

Amanda Myers
42 years
Doctor and mom of three children

I’m not going to lie: I’ve struggled with body image, weight issues, and eating healthy all my life. Losing 2lbs a week seemed like a challenge. Whenever my friends suggested something that started with “Can you lose 2 pounds a week,” I took that as a call for action. I’ve also been a strong believer in the power of protein. Giving up cheese and meat and dedicating myself to breathing exercises for better energy circulation? It does not sound like me. However, starting the week with the massive cleanse and learning the basics of yoga helped me to get through and make a difference. First, I noticed that losing 2lbs a week was no longer an issue. My joint pain was gone ever since I gave up on cheese, eggs, and corn. Surprisingly, I had to limit the intake of grains as well as the beloved chicken wings. I remember looking in the mirror and saying, “Can you lose 2 pounds a week eating veggies alone?” My routine begged for a change, and the leg pain was devastating. Thinking back on my regimen, it does not seem weird. Finally, I told myself that the cleanse was much needed. That was a dilemma since I never knew I would go past losing 2lbs a week, actually. 

As a side note, I have to point out that I have not become a vegan during the cleanse. The diet limitations were for the sake of the mission alone. Although I do love my pasta carbonara and white omelet as much as the next carb fanatic, I still have to remind myself these foods make your liver sluggish. They are also accountable for the high sugar rate and the progress that starts with the question of “can you lose 2 pounds a week” without breaking a sweat. Those who are starting on a journey that’s called self-love and desperately seeking tips on eating healthy can follow my lead. You need to reevaluate your eating choices and hope for the best. It all starts with a single step, like losing 2lbs a week or learning how to be in control of your body.

How I’ve changed: before and after getting into shape

The idea of healthy eating that is combined with yoga classes may sound like too simple a scheme, but I am drawn to the approach of making peace with your body and telling yourself you can lose 2 pounds a week effortlessly. It should be a natural process as well since the mind needs to get used to the thought the carbs will be eliminated for a fortnight.

The cleanse makes for the safe choice. In addition to losing 2lbs a week and keeping your ground, you also get to feel better. As a doctor and mom of three, I never had the time to sort out the priorities in healthy eating. Juggling between my patients and my family is not that easy. One day, I woke up to find that the call of “can you lose 2 pounds in a week” was no longer working. I had to make a drastic change and cut out meat, even if it was for two weeks. I’ve also assigned to a yoga class which helped me cope with the changes and mood swings that are inevitable in the first 2 weeks of the cleanse. It turns out that losing 2lbs a week was only the beginning. Now, I am proud to announce that the journey of self-love and healing has not yet ceased. 

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