Losing baby weight

After childbirth, young mothers want to return the size of clothes that they would have before childbirth as quickly as possible. But it is not so easy. Because of caring for a child, women have no time for a workout or the pool. Therefore, most women not only do not lose weight after childbirth but rather, during the first year of the baby’s life, they continue to gain excess weight.

Daily routine

The wrong daily routine is the most common mistake of young mothers. While the baby is awake, they forget about themselves. And as soon as the child falls asleep, they go to the refrigerator and try to eat as much as possible. This is very harmful to both good shape and health. Forgetting about the lunch, we expose the body to stress and force it to make reserves, in the form of fat deposits. Having an unhealthy diet, we not only gain extra pounds but also suffer from constant fatigue. It is better to eat often together with the baby, at least 4-5 times a day, but in small portions. Even with the cranky child, you can always find ten minutes to have a snack. Try never to eat squirrels for dinner after a child, even if the porridge is very tasty.


Nutritionists argue that women who feed the baby themselves return to their previous weight much faster. Because breastfeeding contributes to a more rapid contraction of the uterus and its return to the prenatal state. Although many women gain weight during breastfeeding. This is because they consume many dairy products. 

Healthy nutrition after birth

Do not try to follow the diet immediately after birth. Firstly, it is useless. Secondly, during breastfeeding, you need a good diet. It is enough to control what you eat. Food should be not only very tasty but also various. It is no secret that childbirth is a huge stress for the whole body. Moreover, in critical periods, the body experiences a severe deficit of three basic elements – proteins, iron, and calcium. The richest in calcium are dairy products, cheese, and fish. Proteins are necessary too – both plant (nuts, soybeans, legumes) and animal (meat, fish, poultry, cheese) origin.

Besides, the body loses a sufficiently large amount of iron during heavy postpartum hemorrhages. By the way, with iron deficiency, it is almost impossible to lose weight, since it contributes to the production of a special enzyme that affects fat burning. Therefore, every day you need to eat foods rich in iron (seafood, lean meat, liver, eggs, legumes, nuts, and wholemeal bread).

Workout with the baby 

The main reason for excess weight is the lack of necessary physical activity or, as specialists say, lack of exercise. Even consuming a minimum of fat and eating only vegetables and fruits, without doing the sport a person gains weight. The fact is that during muscle work, fat is consumed. Of course, a small child does not contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, carrying a baby in a kangaroo is a good activity for a mom. Such an exercise promotes good posture, as well as strengthening the spinal and abdominal muscles. By periodically changing the position of the baby (front or back), you will provide a load on various muscle groups. Besides, the baby is constantly gaining weight and, therefore, the load for you does not increase sharply, but gradually.

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