What happens to the body during weight loss

Many people can name the parts of the body that they want to adjust. Most often, this is the area below the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and waist. We call these parts of the body problem areas since there occurs the accumulation of excess subcutaneous fat, which is very difficult to remove. However, before you start losing weight, you should find out which parts of the body of your shape are problems areas.


Women lose weight from top to bottom. Following almost any diet, weight loss begins with the face, then switches to the arms, chest, descends to the waist, then the buttocks, and, finally, to the hips. At the same time, pounds are most of all from the hips. Therefore, to lose weight in the abdomen, you must be patient. Diets for losing weight of the stomach, of course, give a certain effect since our body gets used to a new diet, but you can not rely on them at 100%.

What happens to the body?

Any doctor will tell you that first of all when losing weight, water leaves the body. After it, the intestines are cleaned, and then there is the destruction of muscle tissue and only after that – destruction of fat. For this reason, you should not hope that the fat disappears after a couple of days following a diet to lose weight, but do not quit the job, as you will achieve the desired effect over time. Do not forget about physical activity, exercises for the abs muscles, because you need not only to reduce the belly but to make it toned and beautiful.

Most often, a person on a diet loses weight first. This is because we lose weight mainly due to the burning of subcutaneous fat, and on the face layer of fat is thinner than on other parts of the body. Do not worry if you think that your cheeks are hollow. Firstly, you’re just not used to your new look, because of the face changes first. Secondly, you are comparing your face with your previous body, which is why it seems to you that your face has lost more weight than it is. 

It may be that a person, on the contrary, does not lose weight or almost does not lose weight. Sometimes it depends on the structure – some women lose weight starting from the hips. However, more often this means that your face swells. If this happens to you then consult your doctor, check the state of the thyroid gland, heart and kidneys. If there is a problem, treatment will be required. Also, get rid of the habit of slouching when walking and lowering your head, do not read while lying down in bed. And in any case, remember that during weight loss you need to choose a special facial treatment. Maintain skin tone and firmness so that it does not sag.

Problem areas

Starting losing weight, try to understand what your problem areas are. After that, you can already understand what methods of losing weight to choose from. Some foods affect fatting in specific places. For example, to lose weight at the waist, you need to abandon flour and alcoholic beverages. To reduce the volume of the hips and buttocks, avoid fast food, sweets, and fried food. Based on such prohibitions, you can create an individual diet for yourself or use an existing diet.

Also, do not forget about physical activity. Of course, you need to train all muscle groups, but you can focus on those areas where weight loss is especially problematic for you. For example, if your training lasts an average of 20-25 minutes, then 10 minutes can be spent on problem areas and all the muscles of the body. Also, you can try different anti-cellulite procedures: massage, body wrap, etc. This will not only help to reduce a certain part of the body, but also make the skin smooth and beautiful.

Why I do not lose weight in the legs area?

When losing weight, women face the following problem – legs are getting thinner in the last turn or do not lose weight at all. Why does it happen? 

To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand why fat continues to be deposited on the hips and legs, even if you are on a diet and doing physical exercises. This is the structure of the female body – fat is deposited in problem areas – on the hips, stomach, and legs. Moreover, an unhealthy diet and other factors have a significant impact on the work of internal organs, which can no longer cope fully with the digestive function. This also leads to the fact that the body begins to store fat in reserve in those very problem areas for self-preservation. So, to lose weight in the legs and remove fat deposits on the hips, you need to eat healthy food. The fact is that often many of us do not notice how much fat they eat every day. Meanwhile, to lose weight, the daily rate of fat should not exceed 30-40 grams.

Here is a list of prohibited foods for those who want to lose weight in their legs as soon as possible:

  • Chocolate;
  • Fried and fatty foods;
  • Ice cream;
  • Bakery products;
  • Nuts.

We hope that in this article you have found answers to your questions. Did you know these facts?

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