10 pounds in 5 days

I developed a personal method for losing weight and rejuvenating: minus 10 pounds in 5 days

Lillie Coffey
52 years
The stylist, twins mom

After 30 years, every woman loses a small piece of herself and thinks about how quickly time passes. Each time I looked in the mirror, I noticed how gradually my beauty was leaving me and the period of a sagging body began. But I’m not one of those who give up! I conducted a large number of experiments on myself to determine existing methods and assemble them into one structure. I started my experience with diet pills. The company promised a loss of 10 pounds in 5 days.

I started taking one tablet a day from Monday. Constant classes with children and at work did not allow me to supplement the effect of the tablets with physical exercises. I did not change the diet at this stage. I decided to add slimming tea to “miraculous pills”, its action was laxative, which did not allow me to lead a full life. Because of this, it was necessary to exclude the use of tea. At the end of the allotted time, I lost 10 pounds in 5 days, but it was not quite easy for me. I continued to drink diet pills the following week.

On the 8th day, I felt bad, on the 9th I started vomiting. My skin sagged on my stomach and under my arms. At that moment, I realized that I would no longer take these pills. I decided to find an alternative way to lose another 10 pounds over the next 5 days. In order not to languish in the gym dragging iron, I went to the dance.

The group included young slender girls of around 25 years old. I felt that I stood out a lot, and the girls were mocking me. I was over 30 at the time, and my weight was over 200 pounds. But I kept dancing!

Nutrition and dancing restored my youth: maximum weight loss in a day

I tried not to pay attention to the girls who considered me superfluous in the dance group. When I was doing household chores, nothing prevented me from washing dishes and dancing, vacuuming and dancing, cooking and dancing. In the morning, I always felt muscle fatigue.

The maximum weight loss in a day was 2 pounds. But in dancing, there was another important plus for women: your body is in a constant tone, you are more elastic. Dancing affects walking and mood. I slowly lost weight, but I must admit that I was not limited to food, for example, sweets. The basic rules that I made for myself:

  • do not eat sweets at bedtime;

Women who refuse to chocolate, simply do not know how to avoid it. Did you know that The benefits of dark chocolate are determined by the presence of two groups of antioxidants in it – flavonoids and polyphenols?

  • Please yourself with trifles;

Buy a new dress, go to the theater, change your hairstyle, meet with a friend to drink coffee – positive emotions have a strong influence on your motivation.

  • Do not sit idle;

Increasing your productivity, you kill two birds with one stone: you do not have time to think about the opinions of others, you lose more calories.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with slow weight loss. With a weight of 140-160 pounds, the maximum weight loss in a day is approximately 1-2 pounds and this is the norm.

Check out a few more rules that will benefit your body:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day;
  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day;
  • Start your day with a warm-up exercise;
  • Observe sleep mode;
  • Try to walk more;
  • Do not overeat.

If you do not like the gym, choose an activity for the soul. I have dances, I feel the music and dance as if no one sees me, even if there are a lot of people around. Alternative activities: yoga, Pilates, stretching, aerobics, swimming, etc.

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