I could not lose weight until I found out a model secret: 30 kg in 2 months

I realized that I am overweight after winter. In the spring, it was time to change my wardrobe, because all my old things were small for me. I was upset, began to peer into the reflection in the mirror, from which the fat blonde looked at me. With sadness and reflection, I went to work. In the summer, my family planned a vacation, and I did not want to relax by the sea with my weight. The goal was to lose 30 kg in 2 months. The first thing I turned to Google.

I began to read many useful articles about nutrition and exercise. Advertising offered the expensive services of professional trainers. This option did not suit me because of employment at work and financial opportunities.

I work in a unique floral design studio. Every day I see handsome men who buy luxurious bouquets for their ladies. Also, slender young girls often come who look beautiful. Melissa came to our studio, she ordered a beautiful bouquet of peonies for the anniversary of her mother.

Melissa is a successful model, she has an ideal figure and appearance. I decided to tell her my story, and that I want to lose 30 kg in 2 months to look beautiful and attractive during the holidays. Melissa listened carefully to everything I told her about and promised to help me.

She talked about two types of model diet. The first diet lasts only 3 days, for which you can lose about 4 kilograms. The second type takes longer, but the result from it is much larger. She warned me that 30 kg in 2 months is a lot, and maybe I can’t do it, because it can harm my body.

As following a model diet, I managed to lose kg a day

… of course, this did not happen every day. I can confidently say that I put a lot of effort to achieve a noticeable result. First of all, you need to limit calorie intake. In the model diet, there is a clear acceptable margin – 1000 calories per day, and not a single calorie more!

Also, there are completely banned foods: white bread and all flour products, cow’s milk (acceptable soy or almond), sugar. During the day you need to drink plenty of water and green tea. On especially difficult days, it is possible to lose kg a day. People with kidney problems are not recommended for this type of diet. But when properly followed, every lost kilogram a day will motivate you.

What I ate and how I counted calories

I often had breakfast with oatmeal. There are 170 calories per serving. For comparison, there are 500 calories in one piece of sponge cake, but I certainly didn’t eat it. The second breakfast included a cucumber salad – 120 calories per 200g.

I dreamed that I could lose 20 kilos in 1 month. In the first two weeks, I felt hungry and thought that I was doing everything right, so I can achieve this. But I have a meeting with Melissa, who came in to inquire about my results. She told me that if I am constantly hungry, then I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I should diversify my menu.

And if I was going to lose 20 kilos in 1 month, then I’m crazy. We have built friendships enough for her to allow herself to say this. Then I asked her about her diet. Perhaps I can learn something useful for myself. She said that she eats are 5 times a day. Observing the time frame, that is, food intake is limited from 7 am to 5 pm. For breakfast, most often she eats cereal toasts – 95 calories, and boiled eggs – 75 calories.

The diet also includes coffee (8 kcal), chicken broth (65 kcal), boiled rice (140 kcal) and dried fruits. Sometimes she eats nuts in small quantities, but they should not use often when you losing weight. This is a very healthy product, but high in calories. Also at this meeting, we talked about meat. Melissa often replaces it with fish, as the fish are less caloric. For comparison, in ham 365 kcal per 100g, and in pollock 70.

I again revised my view of the diet and built it more nutritiously and varied. I had to give up the idea. I can’t lose 20 kilos in 1 month, as I was convinced that it was wrong. Now my work is over. I am in optimal weight for myself and try to keep myself in good shape. I consume about 2000-3000 calories per day. My morning begins with charging and jogging, and I also try to walk a lot during the day.

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