How much weight can you lose in two days

How much weight can you lose in two days by eating high-calorie foods?

Heidi Hall
32 years
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I dispelled the myth for myself that diet is a mandatory fasting, proper diet, and expensive nutritional supplements. It is a mistake to assume that the concept of dietary foods includes only those that are recommended for weight loss.

In fact, diets are different: for people who have had surgery, for children, and sometimes even those who want to gain weight. There are groups of products that can be useful for absolutely all people: these are fruits, vegetables, and berries.

Most of them are low-calorie, have a lot of vitamins and are easily absorbed in the body. Also, vegetables are often cooking. In this case, sugar and salt should be excluded as supplements before meals.

When I cook a dish, I try to cut slices as small and thinner as possible, this allows you to save the maximum number of useful things in the product. How much weight can you lose in two days by eating dairy products? There is still a lot of discussion on this topic because many nutritionists believe that milk has a beneficial effect on the body, but every year the number of people who think otherwise is replenished.

A group of nutritionists says that dairy products help the body of children, and adults-only cause harm. Is it so? Milk and cheese contain the calcium necessary for bones; with regular use, products rejuvenate the body and prolong life. The cream is also useful, they have a lot of fat-soluble vitamins A for the skin. 

High-calorie nuts, how to lose weight with their help?

Recently, a well-known nutrition magazine published an article that regular eating of nuts does not lead to weight gain and helps to reduce body mass index.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that women who ate nuts two or more times a week had a lower risk of obesity and less weight gain over an 8-year period, compared to women who rarely added nuts to their diet.

People who add nuts to fruits and vegetables feel better, more energetic and healthier. Scientists came to the unexpected conclusion that high-calorie nuts do not lead to the expected weight gain. One possible explanation for this fact is that the protein, fat, and fiber in nuts provide a feeling of fullness, which controls appetite after eating them.

In addition, it is impossible to completely chew nuts, so 10 out of 20 percent of the fat is excreted from the body. After reading this article, I decided that I want to lose weight with nuts.

Since childhood, I loved them very much, but when I decided to lose weight it seemed to me that they would have to be excluded. Not believing to the end of the information on the Internet and in magazines, I decided to understand from personal experience how this works. I set aside an experiment for 2 days to find out how much weight I can lose in two days by adding nuts to almost all my food (of course, in acceptable doses).

My experience has shown that I lost 4 pounds in a few days of sports, diet, small meals and reduced salt and sugar. I don’t know if the nuts had any influence, but the fact remains. 

How animal proteins affect diet and weight loss

Another erroneous opinion was the rejection of meat. Meat and fish contain animal proteins that do not harm humans if consumed in an acceptable amount: 200-300 grams per week can be considered acceptable.

You won’t get fat with so much meat, but you can get a lot of useful elements. When choosing a fish, I focus on what is found in the sea, it contains fatter, and the fact is that fish oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that lower cholesterol, tone vessels and prevent atherosclerosis.

If you want the meat to benefit you, cook it correctly. It is best to cook steamed meat or bake in foil, be more preferable to poultry.

How many experiments have I done and what were the results

I already talked about how I added calorie nuts to my food for two days and was able to lose weight, for comparison, the next two days I ate the same thing and adhered to the same regimen, but did not add nuts to the diet – I lost the same 4 pounds.

From this, I can conclude that nuts did not affect my weight in any way, which means it is everyone’s business to decide whether or not to eat nuts, do not deny yourself that you love, if you love. I conducted the same experiment with animal proteins and here everything is much more complicated.

The experiment dragged on for a week, I varied the portion sizes and the time of my meal. I concluded that if you do not overeat and consume the bulk of the daily food intake in the morning, you can not worry about gaining excess weight.

I managed to lose 30 pounds in a few months through my experiments with high-calorie foods. And how much weight can you lose in two days?

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