150 pounds weight loss before and after

Canadian diet: 150 pounds weight loss before and after

Maisy Mccarthy
26 years
The Waiter

The forefathers of this diet are the first Canadian settlers who, eating this way, did not suffer from the presence of excess weight. This diet is based on the consumption of vegetable soup, fish, meat, salads, etc, which promises you to help alleviate hunger and throw off excess fat. This diet is one of the most effective if you want to quickly lose weight.

My brother from Canada advised me, he knew that this diet helps women to find harmony and a beautiful body, as his girlfriend used the diet. I managed to lose 150 pounds in a year by adding sports. It is worth noting that I did not eat according to strict rules throughout the year.

During the diet, it is worth taking a break, which you select individually for yourself. I ate the “Canadian diet” for three weeks, then three weeks of rest, and so on. There are standard requirements for this diet that you should adhere to if you want to lose extra pounds:

  • Physical Exercises! What is worth doing is mandatory at least 20 minutes 3 times a week. If your lifestyle and work allow you to do this more often – it will only get better.
  • Dinner from 5 pm to 6 pm and no later. If the exception is only if you go to bed late, about 1-2 am, then you can shift your dinner until 8 pm.
  • Maintain the water balance of your body! I drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water a day. In addition to water, I drink green tea and natural juice, and the total amount of liquid per day is about 2 or more liters.
  • Consult a professional who will help you make an individual vitamin kit for your body. You will protect yourself from the loss of minerals.
  • The supply of fatty acids will help restore olive oil. I use oil as a salad dressing.

Main dishes that include a diet

I was warned that the diet is not suitable for true gourmets who love a varied diet, exquisite tastes and irregular eating. I never had a special taste for food, so this information did not scare me.

Do you have the same food for 3 weeks? – easy if I want the whole 150 pounds less! For breakfast, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, brown bread, tea without sugar or coffee.

Do not forget about the second breakfast when you can have a snack with fruit. Lunch includes a choice: chicken or fish, you can add baked potatoes, rice porridge, pasta from hard varieties. Do not add oil to this! If you like salads, they are great for lunch.

After a couple of hours, when hunger again makes itself felt, have a snack with vegetables or fruits, and preferably with natural juice. For dinner, I most often had stewed vegetables or baked fish.

Pros and Cons of the Canadian Diet

I have not noticed any obvious drawbacks that would harm me or my body. But on the forums and from my friends I heard different reviews, below I will give the main ones and you will know what to prepare yourself for.


  1. Monotonous menu;
  2. Diet can be followed no more than 3 weeks in a row. Then you can take a break, but many during the break gain back lost pounds!
  3. Limiting yourself from sweet, greasy, fried, starchy foods. This can hardly be called a minus, since this information is quite logical, given that you want to lose weight, but many women still attribute this information to the minuses.


  1. Personal experience has shown that without harm to health you can lose weight. See my photo: 150 pounds of weight loss before and after!
  2. The Canadian diet is light and not tough compared to other diets.
  3. The average weight loss in 3 weeks is 15-20 pounds.

You may have heard about the Canadian diet before, but the methodology and rules were different. This is absolutely normal, the diet has different variations that each girl chooses for herself. I showed you the method that my husband’s sister and I used. Now we are both owners of beautiful, slender bodies.

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