How do fighters cut weight overnight

How do fighters cut weight overnight

Mollie Lane
28 years
The Homewife

Losing weight with diet and fitness is boring! It’s much more interesting to choose a lesson that will replace a hobby and help you fulfill your cherished desire – to lose weight! At first, I wanted to go to the gym, this is the fastest and surest way to get myself to do something. I practiced on simulators for about a month, after which I became unbearably bored. I did the same thing a day later, the result was visible after the second week of training, but I knew that I could do more! I decided to try yoga, boxing and swimming. Since I did not have enough time and energy for three classes at the same time, I had to choose one thing and it became boxing. I came across an article about how fighters lose weight per night, before weighing in and were surprised that they succeed so easily! Having collected enough information, I wanted to apply it to myself! 

Secrets of boxers and how I managed to achieve the desired result

If at first, it seemed to me that this was very simple, then difficulties arose! To lose the right amount of pounds per night, I had to prepare my body for this by various methods. To begin with, an unprepared person cannot just lose weight. You must change your vision of the world and your lifestyle. For the right practice of this sport, I sacrificed many things and limited myself in many habits, namely:

  • I quit smoking; during training, it became easier for me to breathe, and they were more effective.
  • Limited alcohol consumption; the allowable dose for me was 200 grams of wine per week.
  • Be sure to have a glass of water half an hour before breakfast.
  • Nutritious breakfast.
  • At least 15,000 steps per day.

These are the basic rules that helped me change my life, but in fact, there are many more, then you choose the optimal living conditions for yourself.

Weight Loss Nutrition Basics: The Secrets of Fighters

When I became more than just an amateur in boxing, I made a lot of friends with whom we began to exchange experiences. For normal functioning, the body needs stability, that is, every day at the same time, the body must receive a certain amount of food. Then any cell at any time can take from the blood those substances that it needs. If we begin to alternate hungry days with ordinary ones, metabolic processes will automatically slow down and it will become more difficult to lose weight. That is why such leaps in nutrition are harmful to the figure. In my opinion, it would be much more reasonable to combine the diet of ordinary days and diet and evenly distribute them throughout the week. Then a person can receive a balanced diet, which helps to establish a normal metabolism. And yet, how do fighters cut weight overnight? The main and effective way is probiotics.

How to lose weight with probiotics

To begin with, I figured out the concept of what probiotics are, these are living microorganisms that can positively affect human health, normalize the functions of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria are contained in different foods, if you eat them on time, the effect will not keep you waiting. If you tried dozens of diets and did not achieve the desired result, stop starving yourself and focus on normalizing the balance with good bacteria. Monitoring the state of the intestinal microbiome is much more important than controlling the amount of protein and carbohydrates absorbed by food. Favorable conditions for the softening of good bacteria are created by probiotics – compounds of a non-microbial etiology from which the energy of probiotics is extracted. They are contained in such products:

  1. Garlic;
  2. Avocado;
  3. Artichokes;
  4. Whole wheat bread;
  5. Cereals;
  6. Legumes;
  7. Bananas;
  8. chicory root.

By slightly adjusting the diet, you will restore the balance of intestinal microflora – and extra pounds will start to go away faster. But this does not mean that your figure will become slim in itself. Help your body fight weight with fractional nutrition and exercise.

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