Fat burners for men. How to enter them in the diet safely?

The category of fat-burning supplements has become one of the most popular in professional sports. Inactive and harmful diet pills gave place to complex supplements. They include active ingredients, the effectiveness of which has been proven by a large number of scientific studies. Nevertheless, even the most effective fat burners for men will not give the desired result in losing weight or drying if you choose the complex incorrectly. The same thing happens if you use sports nutrition for men without observing the rules of admission. Only the realization of all conditions will allow achieving maximum fat burning without compromising muscle mass and strength indicators.

The role of fat burners

Manufacturers began to produce fat burning supplements from 2008-2009. This was facilitated by the demand for relief and aesthetic shape in sports. Unlike previously popular diuretics and other diet pills, fat burners had a pronounced effect. They were also notable for health safety.

Modern fat burners for weight loss are based on natural ingredients. Their main task is the natural and safe acceleration of fat-burning processes in the body without negative effects on the muscles.

Key acting components of fat burners

The action of the fat burner directly depends on the complex formula and dosages of the main substances. Despite the variety of supplements in the sports nutrition industry, all fat burners have similar basic components:

• Caffeine and green tea extract – the main stimulants are in 85-90% of supplements. They have a thermogenic effect and increase energy;

• Ephedra (extract, leaves) – herbal analogs of ephedrine (the most powerful fat-burning drug that has been banned since 2006);

• Geranium (DMAA, 1,3-dimethylamylamine) – a plant component similar in action to ephedrine;

• Synephrine is a powerful stimulant whose effect is significantly superior to caffeine. Often acts as a substitute for ephedrine;

• L-carnitine – accelerates fat utilization during aerobic exercise, increases energy;

• White Willow Bark Extract – used as a plant-based analog of aspirin.

Some fat burners may contain substances such as chromium picolinate, raspberry ketones, goji berries, and others. They completely lack fat-burning properties, because these components belong to the placebo category. Almost all sports supplements are available in capsule form. Fat burning pills and powder form are extremely rare. Understanding the main active ingredients will help you while choosing an effective fat burner, even without the experience of taking supplements.

Principles of action and types of fat burners

There are several types of effects on body fat. Each component that is included in fat burners for weight loss is aimed at stimulating one (or all) of the processes. Among the most effective types of exposure are:

• Lipolytic – the main task of the components is to accelerate lipolysis and metabolic processes;

• Thermogenic – the most effective way to eliminate excess weight. It consists of increasing calorie consumption and increasing efficiency;

• Influence over appetite – it reduces the feeling of hunger. Such passive effects do not directly affect the fat burning process, but facilitate the tolerance of low-calorie diets;

• Blockers – reduce the absorption of fats or carbohydrates. 

Substances that stimulate lipolysis and increase thermogenesis occupy up to 80% of the composition of the additives. The complexes may also contain stimulants of the central nervous system to increase energy, physical, and mental state. They have an indirect effect on ​​the fat burning process by increasing the intensity and duration of training.

Differences between male and female fat burners 

Some supplements are conditionally divided into male and female. Sports fat burners for men are:

• More intense composition (more stimulants, especially geranium and ephedra);

• Increased dosages (substances in portions are selected based on the average weight of men);

• some components affect the production of testosterone – some plant extracts.

There are no other differences. Often, women leave reviews on supplements for men, which confirms their effectiveness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Supplements

Despite the popular misconception, sports fat burners for men are not irreplaceable medicines. This is a category of powerful supplements, which can cause some negative cases with the wrong approach and non-compliance with the rules of admission. 

Fat burners for men have the following advantages:

• Accelerate the process of eliminating fat mass;

• Increase efficiency with a deficit of calories in the diet;

• Improve mood and increase mental activity;

• Affect only fat cells (do not lead to fat and muscle utilization, as in the usual reduction in body weight).

The disadvantages of fat burning supplements include:

• Risks of intolerance to some basic components (especially for ephedra and geraniums);

• Increased blood pressure (does not apply to complexes without caffeine and other stimulants);

• Lack of effect without observing the regime of training and nutrition;

• Powerful drugs that are thermogenic for the body increase sweating, which can be a problem in the hot season.

If an athlete selects a fat burner to remove excess weight wisely, these negative effects are minimized. When an athlete takes the most powerful fat burner for men, which in addition to ephedra and geranium contains 3-4 more stimulants, the risks of manifesting negative effects increase many times.

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