Complex training for all muscle groups

The understanding that we will devote less time to some business than necessary motivates us and makes us move on. Let’s check if this works with less training time. We suggest you devote 15 minutes to a set of different exercises and find out how effective such training can be.

After a dynamic warm-up, turn on the timer. Each minute consists of 30-45 seconds of intensive work and 30-15 seconds of rest, depending on the level of your stamina. For example, the first minute for a person consists of 30 seconds of the burpee and 30 seconds of rest; advanced level is doing burpy 45 seconds, and then take 15 seconds of rest. Seconds to complete the exercises should be very intense – at the level of 85-90% of your maximum capabilities.

Minute 1: Burpy

Minute 2: Air Squats

Minute 3: Russian Twist

Minute 4: Alternating Lunges

Minute 5: Planck



In the starting position, you are standing straight, legs together, hands at the seams. Bend over, put your hands on the floor and jump rearrange the feet back, taking the plank position. Bend your elbows and do push-ups. Straighten your arms, jump rearrange the feet under you and straighten up by jumping and stretching your arms above your head. This completes one repetition.

Air squats

In the initial position, the legs are shoulder-width apart, the socks are slightly deployed, the arms are on the sides. Take your pelvis back and bend your knees, crouching deep enough, below a parallel line, and then sharply rise, jump and squeeze the gluteal muscles in the upper phase of the movement.

Russian twist

The exercise is performed sitting on the floor with bent knees. Put your hands together opposite your chest, elbows bent. Lean back, straining your torso muscles so that your feet come off the floor and your balance on your tailbone. Keep your legs still while you twist the body to the right and left, rotating the body and trying to touch the elbows of the floor on each side. If you feel a lot of strength, do this exercise with dumbbells in your hands.

Alternating lunges

Stand in the position for alternating lunges with a wide set of the feet, the right leg in front. Bend both knees and lower yourself to the floor, then jump, swap legs in the air, and carefully land with your left foot in front and your right foot in the back. Continue to the next repetition without a pause.


Take the position of the plank, head, hips, and heels in one line. Breathe evenly and hold this position.


Reverse twisting

Palms rest on the floor behind the lower back. Stretch your legs almost parallel to the floor and bend them slightly at the knees. Tighten your abdominal muscles. With tense abdominal muscles, you pull the legs bent at the knees in the direction of the chest. When your knees get close to your chest, twist your abdominal muscles, resting on your palms. This is the secret of reverse twisting – the final flexion in the pelvic area.

In different versions of ordinary twists, the same technique is used, except that in one of them the turn of the body is added:

In the initial position, the lower back touches the floor, and the feet and lower legs lie on an elevation, and the legs form an angle of 90 degrees. Hands are connected behind the head or crossed on the chest. We begin to twist – we strain the abdominal muscles and bend the upper body, starting from the head, as much as you can, while not allowing the lower back to be torn off from the floor. Slowly lower back and repeat the exercise without the slightest pause.

To twist with a twist, add a slight twist to one side at the time of the maximum lifting of the body. Torsion weights are performed similarly, you only need to put weight on the chest (dumbbells, disk) to create additional resistance.

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