Jennifer Lopez fitness mode: the singer’s favorite exercises to look like at 20

This year, Jennifer Lopez is 51 years old. The singer celebrated her birthday on the beach in a bikini. The star admits that sport is what makes her life better, and she considers movement to be the key to happiness. We talk about your favorite star exercises.

You can find a thousand and one excuses not to go to the gym, but Lopez learned to strictly follow her fitness regime: “I rarely miss workouts. Sometimes, of course, I can work late, but in such cases, I tell myself: just do it just one hour. “

Experts advise setting realistic goals for yourself. If you know that at five in the morning you can’t get up and go to fitness, do not pretend, but start small. If you need additional motivation, go to the gym with a friend or reward yourself with manicure or massage after a fruitful workout (but not just going to the pastry shop).

JLo weight loss

Jennifer does not go hungry to stay slim (where else can I get strength for shock training!). Instead, she follows a nutrition plan developed for her by nutritionist Haley Pompom. The singer’s diet contains many protein-rich foods, non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini). The star also eats healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, which are found, for example, in brown rice and sweet potatoes. And, of course, no alcohol (unless a glass of champagne on his birthday) and cigarettes. Lopez also tries to teach his children to proper nutrition.

“I give them a lot of greens, fruits, and cereals. They already know from childhood what a healthy lifestyle is,” she said in an interview.

Jennifer Lopez fitness routine

As for sports, she prefers to train in the early morning. “I don’t like to do it in the evening when I’m no longer strong. I go to sports three or four times a week. When I am in New York, I study with David Kirsch. When I fly to Los Angeles, I study with Tracy Anderson. load. “

Trainers have different approaches: Kirsch is a fan of the bar, push-ups, and boxing, while Anderson chooses complex exercises with a small weight. The variety in training not only does not get bored but also provides a tone for all muscles. And, of course, Jay Law does not do without dancing at rehearsals and concerts.

“Jennifer has a crazy discipline, so even if she skips classes for good reasons, then she works with even greater intensity. She knows how to focus on each step and listens to her body, which is why her workouts are effective”, – shared David.

Spider-man push-ups

This is a complicated version of push-ups. Your hands are on opposite sides of the Bosu ball (a hemisphere platform with a diameter of a little more than 60 cm with a rubber dome 30 centimeters high, elasticity is controlled by the air that is let in or pumped out through a special hole), and each time you push up, you pull one knee closer to the elbow.

“As soon as you lift your leg, you make the muscles stabilize your body. If you lose balance, you will fall. This exercise involves the pectoral muscles, abs, triceps, and deltoid muscles. If you have little time to train, it can only consist of these exercises, ” – said, David.


Lunges with dumbbells in hand perfectly work out the back of the thigh. And this, as you know, is one of the most problematic places for women. But not Jay Law.

She pays close attention to her buttocks. Starting position – legs together, take small dumbbells in your hands. With your right foot, you need to take a wide step to the right. In this case, the socks of the legs look strictly forward. Lean forward and touch the floor with dumbbells on either side of the leg set aside. In this case, the buttock, knee, and ankle (in this case, the right one) should be located on one line perpendicular to the floor surface. Then you need to get up and return to the starting position and change your leg. Lunges can be done not only forward, but also to the side.

Fitball Exercises

Jennifer performs part of the exercises on the fitball (this is a large elastic ball from 45 to 95 centimeters in diameter), using ordinary dumbbells for the load. One of Jay Lo’s favorite exercises is pulling the fitball to the body.

To repeat the exercise, stand on the bar on straight arms with your feet on the fitball. Bend your legs in the hip joints and, working with the abdominal muscles, roll the fitball towards you, direct the pelvis up. It is important to keep your arms and legs straight and not raise your chin (head should be lowered). Then slowly return to the starting position.

Sumo Wrestler Exercises

And another powerful buttock exercise, his Hollywood trainer Lopez borrowed from sumo wrestlers. What you need to do: stand upright, legs apart slightly wider than shoulders. Bend the left leg at the knee, lift it up and make it a circular motion. Put your foot back on the floor and make a sidekick (swing to the side), then immediately sit down, as summits do (after several repetitions the buttocks will “burn”). Now you need to straighten your legs at the knees and jump, tearing off your socks and heels from the floor. Have learned “sumo lunges”, then try the advanced option – deep squeeze-plie on toes.


Jay Law is a fan of the triathlon – it is a continuous workout that consists of three stages: swimming, cycling, and running. It was the triathlon that helped her regain shape after the birth of Maximilian and Emma (then she lost about 15 kilograms in record time).

Chair Squats

Another very interesting exercise is squatting with a chair. You will need to sit on a regular chair, but leave this action incomplete, as soon as you feel that you are touching the chair, you need to freeze for a couple of seconds and return to its original position. A great way to work out your buttocks.

Platypus walk

“This is a variation of the low squat. The fastest, most effective workout for your buttocks. It works on the inside of the thighs and makes the rear elastic and taut,” said David.

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