Challenge yourself

Could you find the motivation to lose weight by looking at the photos of beautiful models? Or after reading some motivating texts on social networks? If not, then one of the most effective ways to start your journey to a perfect shape is to challenge yourself. How to do it? Start work on the following habits.

Map out ahead of time

What to cook for dinner? Instead of constantly thinking about forbidden food, thoughts about food should be fun. Plan the dinner you will be waiting for. Having decided what you will eat, think over the other meals. According to studies, a planned all-day menu definitely helps to lose weight. Perhaps the reason is that in this way you use foods that are more wholesome and eat food promptly. Knowing in advance what you will have for lunch, you will not spend 6-7 hours without food – this situation is usually ending with overeating. First of all, decide how many calories to consume: 1,500 calories a day usually leads to a loss of 3 pounds per week. If this is not that you want, determine the desired number of calories yourself. However, do not fall below 1200 calories: with such a small amount of food, it is difficult to get all the necessary nutrients.

Do not underestimate the portion size

Studies show that almost everybody has to downplay the amount of food consumed by 20-40%. Use your hands: 1 teaspoon is almost equal to the upper phalanx of the thumb, 1 tablespoon is the whole thumb, and 1 cup is the fist. For example, at home, you use the same plates again and again – use them. Measure the amount of soup in the soup ladle: if it is ¾ cup, you remember that two soup ladles are equal to 1 1/2 portions. You can also adjust the serving size of your favorite food and serve it in the same dish. When you remember that a portion of cereal occupies half a bowl, you will know how much to pour next time.

Healthy eating

Of course, eating healthy food is more important than counting calories. By reducing portions, you also reduce the number of nutrients, so it is extremely important to make your diet full of healthy wholesome food. Five foods for a balanced diet: whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and healthy fats.

Do not think about mistakes

Even if you planned your menu for the day, you are unlikely to be able to refuse the pizza someone ordered at the office. That happens. Planning is effective but does not guarantee absolute success. Do not give up after the first failure. The key to making mistakes is to forgive yourself, forget, and move on. Feeling of guilt contributes to overeating. Do not brag about your diet. Do not punish yourself by reducing portions, so you will never like a healthy lifestyle. Make a weekly plan of delicious meals with calorie control, follow it, and you will be happy.

Having developed these habits, you will be able to achieve your dreams very quickly.

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