Struggling to lose weight

Do you agree that for every woman it is important how she looks? The face, hair, clothes, and of course the shape should be ideal. It often happens that for one reason or another we stop to follow a healthy diet and doing a workout, and there is a desire to lose weight.

We can be affected by factors that discourage our self-interest. Among them is the attitude of our family and friends. How should a person behave while struggling to lose weight? How to react if your relative or friend starts to lose weight and you want to help him succeed?

How other people prevent you from achieving your goal?

It often happens that, to lose weight, his environment depreciates the efforts of a person: friends, family, colleagues. Often, attempts to lose weight end in failure due to psychological reasons in connection with the reaction of relatives. 

This question has become the subject of research on the psychological characteristics of people and their relationships with loved ones in situations where a person has problems with weight and tries to solve them.

Lincei Romo, a professor at the University of North Carolina and a lead author of the study, explains: “A person who is trying to lose weight takes hard to critique, and after that, he does not want to go towards his aim. Among the reasons are tips on how to eat right, or warnings that you will gain weight again after the diet ends. “

How to resist such influence and prevent such problems?

Psychologists experiment

For this work, were interviewed40 people – 19 men and 21 women who were diagnosed with obesity in the past. On average, these people lost 70 to 80 pounds.

Each of the respondents was asked personal questions regarding their weight problems and how other people behaved to them: they tried to belittle their efforts or in every possible way encouraged their desire.

The study showed that there are general communication strategies that have helped those who are losing weight to cope with psychological stress and inspired them to move forward.

Communication strategies and weight loss

The main communication strategies are aimed at helping people to feel comfortable in the process of weight loss, dieting, and enhanced sports because it can be very exhausting and difficult.

Relatives must find the right approach so that the person they love, trying to lose weight, gets as close to their goal as possible and maintains their psychological balance.

How to behave if someone is trying to lose weight?

Successful strategies to help people on a diet include well-constructed conversations in which they are once again reminded of the real purpose of their weight loss, the importance of continuing the work begun.

The survey participants also noted the importance of not talking too much about changes in their lives, so as not to provoke unnecessary comments from relatives. For example, do not refuse to eat during meetings with friends, at the celebration of the birthday of relatives or office parties. It is not necessary to eat the food; you can simply put it on a plate and leave it, or try only a small piece – instead of saying: “I don’t eat that.” Thus, you will not attract too much attention, a discussion of your plans, and possible results.

This study showed how important the humane attitude is when a person struggles to lose weight.

Tips on how to resist the negative reaction of other

  1. If there are a goal and a great desire – do not listen to anyone. Do not give up, otherwise in the future you will blame everyone, but blaming everyone is wrong because you manage your own life;
  2. Stay away from negative people, make acquaintances only with positive and cheerful people;
  3. Explain others that this is your choice, and if you hear negative words in response – ignore it.

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