Kylie Jenner weight loss

During pregnancy, Kylie said that she would do liposuction immediately after giving birth. Moreover, she was ready to go to another country if she could not have this procedure in the United States. Fortunately, the older sisters dissuaded Jenner from this risky operation. As a result, Kylie decided to lose weight in a regular way like her sister Kim. Kim lost weight twice after pregnancies, so she could share her experience with her sister.


According to Kylie, the main way to lose weight was diet. Also, she is naturally thin. She always had a flat stomach, but only recently, it has become as flat as before Stormy was born. Kylie usually prefers to eat a lot: pasta, pizza, many dairy products, but she was able to refuse all this. This was the main reason for her weight loss: now she is eating little and does not eat any junk food.

“I often ate waffles, I could eat three pieces a day. During pregnancy, you constantly think about something sweet – as in my case. I didn’t want anything unusual or strange, I just ate a lot of donuts, ice cream or other sweets”, says Kylie.

Kylie gave birth to a daughter 2 years ago, and after the doctors’ permission, she immediately began working on her shape. In just three weeks, she achieved excellent results: she lost about 30 pounds!


A team of trainers works with Kylie. She takes exercises five days a week for three hours. Also, the young mother wears a special corset at the waist and controls strictly the number of calories consumed – no more than 1000 per day.

Kylie’s workout looks something like this:

  • The plank position on hands, 30 seconds;
  • Side plank position, 15 seconds;
  • Side plank position with twists, 5 repetitions on each side;
  • Plank position in dynamics with alternately raising arms and legs, 15 seconds;
  • Abs crunch, 20 repetitions;
  • “Bicycle”, 30 seconds;
  • Raise straight legs while lying down, 15 repetitions per leg.


Kylie completely excluded carbohydrates and sugar food from her diet; she eats only low-calorie low-fat meat – chicken or fish.

This is what Kylie Jenner’s diet looks like:

• a few slices of salmon for breakfast;

• lettuce and lean turkey for lunch;

• lean soup for dinner (until 18−00 and not every day).

Therefore, Kylie’s diet is not various. However, do not forget that she adheres to the rule of 1000 kcal per day. Moreover, this diet helped her lose weight so quickly.

It seems that everything is quite simple: training and a healthy diet. Besides this, Kylie drinks a special detox tea, the composition of which does not tell anyone. We can suppose that this is a green smoothie and herbal diuretic tea. Also, Jenner asks her family not to eat any junk food. According to friends of Kylie, she is still unsatisfied with her shape. Therefore, Kylie is not going to stop there.

“I think that after giving birth to a child, it takes about the same amount of time as carrying a baby. I heard from many people that it takes a year. Moreover, that turned out to be true,”-shared Kylie.

Have you had any experience losing weight after giving birth?

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