Can I lose weight in 1 week

Can I lose weight in 1 week with cinnamon and honey?

Katelynn Rose
32 years
The Teacher

I tried a huge number of diets, their meaning was different: in fasting, in reducing portions, in eating the same foods. No one diet helped me, I lost a small amount of weight through light workouts 1-2 times a week. And finally, I decided to try a diet with cinnamon and honey.

At first, I did not believe that she would help me. All the same, experience has shown that this is very difficult to achieve. But I set aside 7 days, and asked myself the question, can I lose weight in 1 week? After all, the first, even minor results, should already be visible in this period.

If I start to lose weight, I will continue the diet, even if it will be difficult for me. The effect of losing weight is achieved through detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract: regular use of a brown drink cleanses the intestines and the entire digestive system at the cellular level.

A mixture of cinnamon with honey helps burn fat on the stomach, and then throughout the body. The drink should be drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before breakfast. Breakfast is a must! To make a drink, properly mix a glass of hot water with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Do not use it while the water is still hot, it is worth letting it cool slightly. Sometimes I added lemon to the drink. Lemon is rich in antioxidants and is able to suppress weight gain. Also, calcium plays a significant role in weight loss, it contributes to an increase in the rate of breakdown of fats in the body and increases metabolism.

Mix a glass of yogurt with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and ground ginger, add a pinch of chili pepper. Drink this drink twice a day: before breakfast and before bedtime. But you must remember that cinnamon can be taken no more than half a teaspoon per day, otherwise, you risk harming your health.

How my body reacted to a diet: 2 weeks of the challenge

From the very first day of drinking, I felt a change. In the morning I drank cinnamon with honey and lemon, in the evening a drink based on kefir. My stomach did not respond very well to kefir and for the first two days I had a slight upset stomach, but then everything was fine.

I had breakfast with porridge in milk, dined most often with sandwiches, almost never had dinner. On weekends, I often spoiled myself with a grill, fish or baked chicken. After the first week, I saw that the weight was leaving more intensively, and decided to extend the diet for another week.

For me, it was the best way to lose weight in 2 weeks. I did not have to think much about my body, I lived a completely full life. The transformation inspired me to quit smoking and I managed to do it! I tried many times to quit, but it turns out the decision was so close – just love your body! Also, I stopped drinking beer and limited the amount of alcohol.

I can afford to drink a glass of red wine at dinner, but not get drunk, and the allowable dose is even good for me. Two weeks passed quickly, I worked a lot and was engaged in household chores, but when I began to look more closely at myself, but I saw a new, beautiful girl in the mirror, and I really liked her. I told her that it was too early for us to stop, and now I think that it is in our power to change everything that we want.

Find the best way to lose weight in 2 weeks no matter how long it takes. The result will justify your strength.


  1. Hi Katelynn. I just read your article about drinking hot water, cinnamon and honey. You said that it works and you feel better. Are you still doing this ? And have you had any problems.
    Thank you

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