Yoga, lots of eggs and other life hacks from the Rachel from Friends

It’s hard to believe, but this year Jennifer Aniston turned 51 years old. The actress is known to many for her role as Rachel in the series Friends. Since the filming of the first series, she practically has not changed, her body looks especially attractive. Jennifer diligently goes in for sports and actively promotes a healthy lifestyle in various interviews. The benefits of this are clearly visible by personal example because, for 51 years, the actress certainly does not look. We tell you what the peculiarity of Jennifer Aniston’s training is and how she monitors her nutrition.

The actress has long been known as a supporter of a healthy lifestyle: she prefers proteins – fish and vegetables. In addition, the media wrote more than once that the actress was carried away by the popular in the United States diet, “Taco Cleansing,” in which she offered to eat exclusively this dish for a month.

Rachel  Green weight loss

Outspoken about her diet, the star of Friends said that her diet is based on three pillars, each of which is really very nutritious. The first option is a smoothie of banana, cherry, almond, cocoa, and protein powder.

Option number two – eggs and toast with avocado, flavored with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Finally, another actress’s favorite dish is oatmeal with beaten egg yolks. And in the “field conditions”, when the choice is limited, Aniston prefers corn tortillas, but only of high quality – homemade and crunchy. Also among the favorites of Jennifer – the same tacos, carbonara – the actress’s signature dish, frozen yogurt (she can eat it at night), and coffee – however, the actress allows herself only a cup a day.

The dinner of the actress consists of salads. This was especially well remembered by her friends in the series Friends. Courtney Cox recalls:

“For 10 years we ate the salad that Jen prepared. It was a cobb salad with beans and some other seasonings, but we must pay tribute to it because it was a great salad that has not bothered us all 10 years.”

According to the star of the series “Friends”, she is a rather disciplined person, and over the years she has developed a certain regime, it includes training and a special diet. Every day she starts with a hearty breakfast, drinks a lot of water during the day, eat high protein foods for lunch, adding lettuce leaves. At the same time, the actress categorically does not eat tomatoes and derivatives thereof.

As a snack, she recommends one apple with almond oil.

Aniston emphasizes that he always maintains water balance by drinking several liters of water per day.

Jennifer Aniston workout routine

Of the physical activities, Jennifer prefers power yoga, jogging on the track, and exercising on an elliptical trainer. She also sometimes practices strength training, but with low weights. 

“The main secret of Jennifer is that she trains very hard and intensively, so the training program has to be constantly changed. She is constantly improving, and I have to challenge her,” says her coach.

Dynamic warm-up includes jogging and basic exercises for all muscle groups. “It is thanks to this phase that we get a body ready for work,” the star’s trainer shares.

The main part of the training, according to him, usually includes many options for slats: side slats, a high slat, and a slat on the forearms – all that will help keep the body in good shape.

The workout is completed with the ABS complex (Abdominal Back Spine) – exercises that pump the muscles of the abdominal press, thighs, and buttocks, and strengthen the lower back.

When traveling, it is limited to only stretching, sometimes it takes with it small dumbbells, which are convenient to use at any time: while talking on the phone or watching TV. The actress literally lives in sports. She can do exercises right before bedtime near the bed. So she does a little workout on her legs to maintain their beauty.

Jennifer Aniston daily routine

She also said that she loves spending her holidays on the beaches of Mexico, where it is easiest for her to relax. In this case, the actress always tries to stay under a canopy and avoid direct sunlight.

When there is no possibility to fly away, she goes to SPA-procedures or massage.

In order to care for her skin, the actress has an almost family recipe. She uses a tool that her mother used.

“Every day I use Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion. My mom bought it when I was still young, I use it for many years. It’s already a habit. I always have an Aveeno bottle in my car. I use the product right after I go out out of the shower. “

As for professional procedures, Jennifer is an opponent of beauty injections and plastic surgeries.

The actress prefers facial massage and regularly does this procedure and salon care with the famous Hollywood cosmetologist Mila Moursi.

Jennifer also loves hardware cosmetology – in particular microcurrent therapy and laser rejuvenation. In addition, the actress mentioned in an interview that she was doing Alter non-surgical massage lifting (Ultherapy).

Jennifer also said that you need to spend as little time as possible near screens and monitors. The star tries to use gadgets less often, however, she recently registered with Instagram. And her first publication made a splash. Indeed, in the first photo, all the “Friends” are again assembled.

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