The Strict Regime for a Month: Ariana Grande Diet Plan and Its Results

The figure of Ariana Grande does not cease to admire girls from all over the world: miniature, slim, and smart. It’s not just good genetics, but hard training too.

Farrah Penn is an active user of social networks, who decided to try out several popular diets and talk about the results on her page. Recently, the girl tried for a month to adhere to the diet and training of one of her favorite singers – Ariana Grande.

Learn about her impressions and the real result after four weeks of superstar mode from our material. Farrah tries different diets and training modes. Recently, she decided to test the system of nutrition and exercise from her beloved actress and singer Ariana Grande.

Beauty Ariana Grande looks amazing and says that interesting ideas often come to her during classes on a treadmill. Farra found the exercise system and star diet and decided to follow it firmly for a month.

Ariana Grande workout routine

Harley Pasternak, the singer’s trainer, shared secret exercises that you can do on your own.

“Often, at the venues where concerts are held, there is no gym. We lunge in the corridors. It comes out perfectly and safely. We do not jump and do not endanger it. There are no sudden movements and heavyweight in the training,” Harley says.

Ariana makes lunges and bridges for two minutes (three repetitions). Ariana’s trainer said that her clients perform one intense workout per day, including five sets of 30 repetitions of each exercise, or as much as a person can do in a short period of time.

Farrah began to follow a special diet – a vegetarian Japanese diet. Ariana is a vegan, and her fan loves hard cheese, so for her, it was a significant change in life.

Most of the exercises Grande focused on exercises for the muscles of the legs, but the girl decided to add more training hands, as well as pump the press. She did 40 hand swings back and forth, 20 sets in triceps exercise, and 25 arm lifts with 1.4 kg dumbbells. Basic exercises included 40 push-ups, 20 leg lifts, and 60 “bikes”.

Ariana Grande meal plan

In the first week of the experiment, Farrah switched to a vegan food style. She diligently performed the exercises, especially paying attention to her legs and treadmill activities. On the third day of the new regime, the girl was terribly sick with her whole body. On the fifth day, Farra was surprised to notice that the pain had subsided, and again she was able to walk normally. For seven days, she cooked vegetarian food, including Japanese miso soup.

The second week began with the purchase of vegetables and herbs. Farrah already knew how many and what foods she needed for nutrition for seven days. The bill amounted to $ 70. The advantage of the vegan style of food is that the food has always been fresh, although it took a lot more time to cook it than to cook convenience foods. The girl cooked most of the dishes according to recipes of Japanese cuisine, which Ariana Grande adores.

Training began to be much easier, but by the end of the week the experimenter felt bad: she began to feel sick from plant foods. The girl tried to walk at least 7,000 steps a day, practicing for an hour on a treadmill in the gym or walking with a dog for the same time. Twice this week, Farra broke down and went to a cheese party and dinner, where she ate ice cream. On Friday, she did not go to training because she organized a meeting at a local bookstore.

At the beginning of the third week, the girl bought Ariana Grande’s favorite “dragon fruit” – pitaya. She did not like it at all but it was quite expensive. Performing exercises has become even easier: the body is used to this pace. Farra experimented with various vegan dishes, and she liked the result. The girl was able to walk 12,000 steps on a treadmill, as a star does.

In the fourth week, Farra noticed minor changes in her body. She learned to replace her favorite dairy products and eggs with vegan counterparts, thanks to advice from the Internet. The girl concluded that the emphasis on leg training, in general, does not play a big role, and physical exercise while watching TV shows allows you to feel cheerful and active. These are the results the experimenter managed to achieve after a month of strict regime.

Ariana Grande daily routine results

Farrah Penn tried to hold on to the rhythm of Ariana Grande’s life for a month. It was a rather difficult test, but as a result, the girl tightened her body and learned a lot about her abilities. She discovered the world of vegetarian cuisine and realized that an active life is always better than just sitting on a couch looking at the TV screen. One hour walk gives a charge of energy and positive, and it is not necessary to take steps on a treadmill – you can just enjoy nature and fresh air while walking in the park.

The vegetarian lifestyle is now at the peak of popularity. Many young people switch to plant foods, and some even believe that this can cure diseases. At least this raw food girl claims that it was her switch to a vegan diet that helped her get rid of stomach problems.

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