Canelo Alvarez. One Day with the Champion.

Saul Alvarez is the main star of Golden Boy Promotions. One of the most striking and media boxers of our time. The red-haired Mexican has been performing in professionals for 15 years. By the age of 28, he had more than 50 fights. Saul is known not only for his appearance and memorable fighting style but also for his ability to gain a lot of weight a day after weighing. He successfully fits into the limit of the weight category despite the fact that he is gaining a lot of kilograms in the offseason. This side of the coin excites many fans of the Mexican champion: his daily routine, diet, training, and strength exercises.

Canelo Alvarez diet plan

Growth – 173 centimeters. Arm span – 179 centimeters. The approximate percentage of subcutaneous fat a week before the battle is 8-9%.

Saul’s training camp and his diet begin two months before the date of the bout. The whole process is repeated from time to time. Only the tactical part and sparring partners are modified, depending on the style of the opponent. In preparation, Alvarez wakes up at 5:30 am. After the morning treatments, the jogging time comes – about 30 minutes. It includes accelerations, running backward, with the high lifting of the hips, with the lobbing of the legs, in a strapless step. Breakfast is at 7 am: 

  • 6 egg omelet in olive oil;
  • 2-3 slices of ham;
  • 2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice.

Saul trains once a day – from 2 to 5 pm. The training includes boxing and strength exercises. The main feature of the diet of Alvarez is a light lunch at 12 pm. It completely lacks traditional complex carbohydrates (rice, quinoa, pasta):

  • A piece of fried or smoked chicken breast with stewed zucchini;
  • A plate of vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower);
  • A glass of orange juice.

Lunch is reduced closer to the week of battle. At 1 pm, an hour before the workout, the Mexican eats several fruits (apples or grapes) and several boiled vegetables (hikamu is a vegetable of the legume family or long-fruited cucumbers). Champion’s dinner also does not contain carbohydrates:

  • Two servings of protein shake;
  • 5 raw egg whites.

Saul drinks a lot of water – about 3 liters per day. Of the drinks, only orange juice. Complex carbohydrates (only simple ones in the form of fruits and juice) are practically absent in his diet. It receives energy from fats and proteins. This helps to lose weight better. There are no starch products in the champion’s diet. Alvarez allows himself toasted toast only on Sundays.

On the day of the battle, after weighing, he drinks several servings of a protein-carbohydrate shake to replenish energy. For breakfast – two servings of oatmeal with fruit. For lunch – chicken, and two hours before the flight, another serving of protein-carbohydrate shake.

After the fight, Alvarez allows himself to eat everything he wants. He leaves for his homeland – to Mexico, where he enjoys traditional food: tacos – corn tortillas with meat filling, fried lamb, vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam.

Canelo Alvarez training routine

Throughout his sports career, Saul has been preparing for fights under the leadership of Jose and Eddie Reynoso. The training process has been worked out for years. Each element of preparation is carefully planned and planned. Alvarez trains once a day (except for the morning run). The boxing part of the lesson consists of:

  • Rope workouts and stretch marks in the ring – about 15 minutes Shadow fight at a high pace – about 10 minutes;
  • Work on paws or a pillow for delivering power blows – 30 minutes;
  • Heavy water bag – about 30 minutes;
  • Speed Pear – 10 minutes.

This training option is typical for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – sparring sessions, instead of working on shells. Sparring partners are selected depending on the characteristics and stance of the opponent.

A distinctive feature of Alvarez’s boxing training is the work on water filling bags. As the Mexican notes, they imitate the living enemy as much as possible. Much attention is paid to staging corona strokes on a wall pillow and on a special pillow held by the trainer: the right straight, the left side to the head, the blow to the liver, the right uppercut.

The champion’s strength exercises are aimed at developing explosive strength. Saul does a lot of work with a heavy stuffed ball: throws into the wall alternately with each hand, power throws to the floor, squats, and throws of the ball up (the exercise option is a traster).

Alvarez does a lot of exercises on the gymnastic rings: pull-ups, push-ups, static hold. This helps develop balance and strength. Saul also works for strength using one arm or leg: squats “pistol”, push-ups on one arm, hanging on the horizontal bar on one arm, jumping on a pedestal on one leg.

In the last two years, the Mexican devotes a lot of time to stretching and yoga. According to Jose Reynoso, these exercises help the recovery and preparation of the athlete’s body for the next working day. To restore Saul uses ice baths and saunas – the alternation of high and low temperatures. The Mexican exposes his body to natural stress, which contributes to the development of immunity, strengthens health, and energizes.

The training and diet of Saul Alvarez are time-tested and tested in practice. In his team, everyone fulfills his role, creating a single mechanism that works for the final result – victory in every battle.

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