22 Days Nutrition: Beyonce diet for Coachella

Beyonce has repeatedly admitted that she does not like to go on diets, but she sometimes has to do this. For the first time, the singer sat on a hard lemonade diet before filming in the film “Dream Girls”. Then she lost more than 10 kg. The second time – after the birth of the first child. The singer “got hooked” on the regime of hard food – a vegan 44-day diet, on which she lost more than 25 kilograms.

Last year, Netflix released the documentary Homecoming about, without exaggeration, the history of Beyoncé’s performance at the Coachella festival. To a year after the birth of the twins to go on the big stage and prepare well, the singer controlled her diet and adhered to a hard training regimen. About how she managed to lose 30 kilograms, Beyoncé spoke in a video diary and, together with her trainer, is promoting the 22 Days Nutrition diet.

What is 22 Days Nutrition?

22 Days Nutrition was developed for Beyonce by her trainer and professional physiologist Marco Borges. On the first day of the diet, the singer, as she herself showed in the video diary, weighed about 80 kg. Then followed a clear implementation of the regime according to the 22 Days Nutrition system, which Beyoncé decided to extend by half.

“I was a woman who felt that my body was not mine. I was on a very low-calorie diet, I lost about 80% of my weight thanks to her.”

Beyonce plant-based diet

Beyonce did not tell how much she dumped thanks to her trainer’s diet, but the result speaks for itself. During the performance at Coachella, the singer looked like before birth and was not afraid to go out in ultra-short shorts and dresses that open her body. To achieve this result, Beyoncé ate adhered to a strict regimen:

  • completely excluded red meat from the diet;
  • abandoned favorite harmful foods – flour and fried chicken wings;
  • did not drink alcohol;
  • ate a lot of fish;
  • added vegetable soups, salads, smoothies, legumes, vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts to the diet;
  • quinoa has replaced rice and pasta;
  • lack of protein made up for with protein bars;
  • had breakfast with egg whites, a vegetable smoothie or whole-grain cereal with skim milk;
  • drank a lot of water.

This set of products can be mixed and come up with a variety of dishes for every day. Each serving of food should be 250 g, and in just a day you need to eat at least five times. In addition to training, she received physical activity at regular rehearsals, which are no worse than the gym.

Together with Marco Borges, Beyonce launched a website where, after subscribing, everyone “will be able to find dishes for themselves, plan a week, make purchases and cook food”. All recipes are low-calorie and without animal protein. This is not the first experience of Beyoncé and her trainer in the field of healthy eating; back in 2015, they launched a vegan food delivery service.

After all, the point of the Beyoncé vegan diet is that all food should be plant-based, but certainly home-made – no GMOs, preservatives, or other harmful additives that have a lot of hidden calories. Beyonce has no time to cook at home, as the diet also involves hourly training 3-4 times a week. Therefore, the singer organized a service for the preparation and delivery of vegan dishes, which are in terms of her nutrition. You can easily cook all the dishes at home.

Summer is the best time for the Beyoncé vegan diet, as it is the fresh vegetable season. There are already many organic vegetables on farmers’ markets, so there will be no harm to health.

Why does the beychella diet last 22 days?

Marco Borges explains this very simply. The fact is that in order to develop a habit or get rid of it, we need only 21 days. This principle, as we now understand, was not applied by chance. For 22 days, the team that developed the diet provides simple tools that will help bring important changes to everyday life – to replace unhealthy starvation with proper nutrition. The diet is designed for 22 days and provides consumption of only 1,400 calories. Beyonce extended it for a double term – 44 days.

However, nutritionists warned fans of the singer. “It can be dangerous for an ordinary person to use this diet without a team of instructors, as Beyoncé does. A dieter feels exhausted, especially when combined with physical exertion,” quoted Daniel O’Shaughnessy, a nutrition specialist at the Air Force.

Beyoncé is married to rapper Jay Z. The couple has three children: eight-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and three-year-old twins Sir and Rumi. The singer admitted that she is inclined to be overweight and is forced to constantly monitor her figure.

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