Lady Gaga conducts online concerts during quarantine, engages in charity work and loses weight!

During the online concert One world: together at home with the participation of Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and other world stars, they managed to gain $ 127.9 million. The initiator of the charity music marathon was Lady Gaga.

The One World: Together at Home virtual concert last weekend helped the World Health Organization (WHO) raise almost $ 128 million.

All proceeds will go to the fight against coronavirus. Lady Gaga, the ideological inspirer of such a necessary initiative, opened the show. The singer thanked the health workers, Global Citizen and WHO.

One of the most memorable moments of the virtual concert was the performance of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, Canadian singer Celine Dion and American musician John Legend to the accompaniment of pianist Lang Lang. The Prayer has a part that Lady Gaga performed.

The ups and downs of appearance

In addition to the admiration for a great initiative and cool performance, in the comments one could read enthusiasm for the singer’s excellent forms. It can be seen that he devotes a lot of time to his figure so as not to get better during self-isolation.

Over her 32 years, she managed to win a bunch of music awards, sell over 100 million albums, star in movies and TV shows, and change her weight category several times. Indeed, a miniature singer, initially inclined to fullness, periodically loses weight, then again gaining extra pounds. It is not easy for a star to fight her own appetite, because from the age of 15 she suffers from bulimia, that is, an eating disorder. In addition, the girl has Italian roots and the father is a restaurateur, so it can be very difficult to refuse pasta or pizza. The last period of the fight against overweight occurred in the winter of 2018. Then the plump singer was criticized a lot. But she had a great desire to change everything. The star limited her diet, stopped eating bread and switched to vegetables, salad and fish, and in addition to dancing rehearsals, she began to play sports every day. Already in August, at the Venice Film Festival, the world saw Lady Gaga in a white dress that emphasized her perfect figure. Now the girl is still engaged in sports daily: she is fond of yoga, cross-training, and in the classroom she prefers to work out her once lush hips in isolation.

5 commandments of healthy lifestyle from a Lady Gaga’s nutritionist

Lady Gaga owes her physical form not only to willpower, but also to Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak. The nutritionist has identified five “commandments” and claims that if you follow them, you can radically improve your well-being and find a way to the body of your dreams. 

The best way to lose body fat – sleep at least 7 hours at night

Although the matter is not always only in the amount of sleep. “Some people even wake up exhausted after eight hours because their sleep is simply poor,” Pasternak explains. Therefore, if you do not feel rested, think about what it can affect. Perhaps, before falling asleep, you check the phone for a long time (the screen light inhibits the production of sleep hormone – melatonin), drink coffee in the evening, or simply suffer from a partner’s snoring.

In a day you need to go 10 thousand steps, and even better – 12 thousand

Normal walks at first glance are somewhat old-fashioned, because now the most intense training is considered the “gold standard”. Nevertheless, Pasternak emphasizes that you need to move as much as possible, regardless of the intensity of the schedule for visiting the fitness room.

“Activity outside the gym reduces the amount of time you need to spend in it,” he says. Accustom yourself to walking instead of spending hours in restaurants or watching TV shows. And 10 thousand steps should not be the ultimate goal, but the minimum standard per day. “If you really want to look good and feel great, you need to go at least 12 thousand steps a day,” adds Pasternak.

The easiest way to lose 10 pounds is to turn off your gadgets for one hour a day

Perhaps the most unexpected health improvement tip on Pasternak’s list. He strongly recommends an hour-long digital detox. “Turn off the phone, reminder systems, and mailbox updates for at least one hour,” the nutritionist says.

This means that you need to remove the phone, close the laptop, turn off the tablet and turn off notifications on the smart watch. The so-called passive type of leisure like listening to music is permissible: this is a modern form of meditation for those who do not want to delve into real spiritual practices.

“In fact, it’s about starting to take care of yourself,” he explains. “In this way, you are arranging a mental rest for yourself that will help to cope with stress – the main negative factor affecting the mind and body.” Plan this hour of “digital diet” right before bedtime to automatically improve its quality.

Consume a balanced amount of protein, fiber and proper fats, eating five times a day

Proper nutrition is a significant part of the Parsnip system. Today, there are many ways to eat according to the HLS system, but the trainer suggests focusing on only three key nutrients: protein, fiber and proper fats.

A balanced diet based on these three components gives the body the fuel necessary to be productive in everything from brain function to physical activity. In addition, according to a nutritionist, these are the three main nutrients that give a feeling of fullness. By including each of them in any meal, you can get rid of a constant feeling of hunger. This applies to three main meals, and two snacks. Such five meals a day is the basis of the Harley system.

Also do not forget to drink water. Thirst can sometimes be disguised as a feeling of hunger, not to mention the fact that dehydration significantly reduces performance.

Exercise 5 minutes a day

This is not a typo – just allocate 5 minutes a day for strength training. If you do not have specific fitness goals or you are not preparing for a competition, keeping fit can take quite a bit of time.

“Do different exercises on different parts of the body every day,” Pasternak suggests. “You don’t even have to spend time going to the gym.” After a week of such “five-minute” you can create your own program and put at this time a full-fledged workout on several muscle groups. It sounds too good to be true, but nonetheless it is.

It is also important not to forget that every five habits will have to be practiced simultaneously – this is the key to the success of the Pasternak system.

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