Justin Williamson weight loss 2020

When the weight of Justin Williamson reached 625 pounds, he had two goals: to lose weight and devote his life to music. Music has always been his hobby, but weight has made him the heaviest teenager in the United States.

Using Justin as an example, we will look at how to lose weight in the situation of obesity and what nutrition rules should teenagers to adhere.

Restrictions in food in most cases do not lead to positive results, and sometimes even contributes to even greater weight gain. Due to the fact that people try to lose weight quickly, they do not follow diets correctly.

Weight Loss Rules

Do not start to follow the diet in a moment. Many people want to get quick results, but you should be patient and go towards the goal gradually. Normal weight loss is not more than 6 pounds per month. Faster weight loss will make too much stress for the body. And we often stay to be in stress.

Eat often, fractionally and use small portions. Often, when dieting, people starve themselves. This leads to the fact that after fasting, the body actively replenishes the lost. Therefore, you need to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, into which you should divide the daily calorie intake. If you divide the required number of calories per day into only two servings, morning and evening, in the interval you will experience a feeling of hunger. And this should be avoided.

It is advisable to plan the menu in advance. Many people start cooking dinner when they come home from work, which is not good for weight loss. You should prepare a menu for the coming days, purchase products and arrange in portions at least for the next day according to the required number of calories. It is important to eat exactly what you planned.

Make up for the lack of glucose in the evening. Usually the desire to eat sweets intensifies in the evening. It affects fatigue, hunger, and other causes. Therefore, between lunch and dinner, you can dissolve a slice or two of natural dark chocolate. It is important to eat chocolate slowly to give the body a signal about glucose intake and at the same time not to eat more than enough. Chocolate can be replaced with several pieces of dried fruit, which also need to be chewed very slowly. It is better to buy solid dried fruits for this. Having received a little glucose, your body will no longer require a plentiful supper.

Drink enough water throughout the day. This helps reduce appetite and prevents fluid retention. In addition, often hunger is masked by thirst. Water should stand next to you on your desktop all the time so that you don’t forget to consume it.

Follow the rules strictly for a month. If you do not have any disease, such as diabetes, in which a strict dietary restriction requires treatment adjustment, it is better to switch to a limited number of calories right away. This requires willpower and patience. Follow a diet for a month to let the body get used to a new approach to nutrition. Due to the multiplicity of meals you will not feel severe hunger. When the eating habit is moderately formed and positive dynamics are outlined (the weight will decrease), you will be able to afford a small reward once a week in the form of a piece of cake.

Refuse forever from harmful products. The consumption of finished products negatively affects the dynamics of weight loss. These are semi-finished products, fast food, cookery products, sandwich meat, canned food, instant porridge, etc. Taboo is also made up of sweet water and flour.

Stop eating salt and sugar. Since childhood, our taste buds are used to perceive salty foods as tasty. In fact, a certain amount of salt is present in each product. This is enough to fill the need for salt in the body. Instead of sugar, you can add carob syrup, stevia syrup or a spoonful of honey to your food and tea. You can also interrupt the craving for sweets with a couple of slices of dark chocolate or dried fruits. Just giving up salt and sugar, you can lose weight by an average of 16 pounds. It is important to remember that in the bread that you buy in the store, there is both sugar and salt. These additives are also many in ready-made dishes, which can be bought in supermarket, cafes and restaurants. Sugar can be discarded immediately, and the amount of salt reduced gradually. It is allowed to eat a little cheese and salted fish (fatty herring or slightly salted salmon).

Sample menu for the day:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, cucumber, apple, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar;

Second breakfast: a bottle of natural unsweetened yogurt;

Lunch: a piece of chicken (not fried, but baked, stewed or steamed), vegetable stew or vegetable salad, fruit or low-calorie dessert;

Snack: a piece of bitter natural chocolate or dried fruit;

Dinner: a piece of fish and vegetables or cottage cheese (about 150 grams).

How to choose a diet for a teenager from 12 years 

The period of 12-16 years is accompanied by intensive growth and development of a growing organism. In addition, metabolism at this age occurs differently than in the case of adults. It is important that the child receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Any diet is a limitation that can cause health problems in a few years. Thus, strict weight loss programs for adolescents of 12 years become the cause of skin problems, hormonal imbalance, and the development of intestinal diseases. The best option is a healthy diet and classes in the sports section. You need to eat at least 4 times a day in small portions, limit sweets and “harmful” food (crackers, chips, sweet water).

What foods should be abandoned for weight loss

Parents form the diet of a teenager, so it is very important that they respect the decision to lose weight. It is quite difficult to give up bad children’s eating habits; a son or daughter will need psychological support. It is necessary to exclude from the menu: Dishes from fast food, which are very high in calories and harmful, as they contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol, which reduces the elasticity of blood vessels.

Chips, a bag of which helps to quickly satisfy hunger, but at the same time it is even more addictive and extra pounds, due to the high calorie content.

Fresh baking. Bread does not fall under the ban, but it is better to dry it or make toasts. Sweets that can be replaced with fresh fruits. It is advisable to reduce the daily amount of sweets eaten gradually.

Sweet carbonated drinks. Parents need to initially accustom the child to plain water or compotes. Juices of industrial production are very different from domestic ones. As a rule, sugar and preservatives are always added to them, which is harmful to health. Dietary nutrition for weight loss in adolescents is recommended exclusively by a pediatrician. The manifestation of independence is inappropriate here, in the presence of pathologies or chronic diseases, the doctor will help to correctly draw up a diet.

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