80/20 rule weight loss

Pareto Rule 80/20

The general meaning of the Pareto method is simple: 80% of the result is provided by 20% of the effort. The science of healthy nutrition does not consider the popular rule as a method of losing weight, rather it is a conscious eating behavior. This approach takes into account that diet and body beauty are inextricably linked. It is important not to harm your health.

The daily diet, based on the rule, should consist of 80% of healthy products of plant origin, but junk food and sweets are allowed only within 20%. It includes also convenience foods, canned foods, alcoholic drinks, sweet and flour products.

Celebrities choose a program according to the 80/20 method too. Proponent of the smart method, supermodel Miranda Kerr admits that moderate nutritional flaws improve mood and help overcome stress. Another celebrity Jessica Alba, thanks to the 80/20 principle, has kept her stunning shape for many years.

Daily ration according to 80/20

To implement the golden rule in your diet, you do not need to contact a specialist: the 80/20 method allows you to use any products and does not imply the use of dietary supplements. It is important to realize that the postulates of the well-known rule are not diet, but lifestyle. In this case, it is enough to analyze the usual menu and reconsider the proportions of the consumed dishes.

How to lose weight correctly at home according to the Pareto method

On average, an adult’s daily diet consists of 2,000 kilocalories. Based on the 80/20 principle, vegetables, lean meat, fish, cereals, eggs and dairy products provide 1,600 calories. The remaining 400 may include: dessert, a fried dish, or a glass of wine.

Benefits of the 80/20 Diet

1. If you want a piece of chocolate, you can afford it. But this will mean that your next meal should consist only of healthy foods.

2. Thanks to the principle of the 80/20 diet, you will not only be able to lose weight, but also build a habit of eating healthy foods.

3. You don’t have to follow many nutritional rules, count calories and remember what you can eat and what not. The principle of the diet “80/20” is only one, so it will be easy to follow.

4. Such a diet will in no way affect your social life. If you are going to a party or planning to have dinner with friends, this is not a problem, because you can eat pizza or drink a glass of wine. The main thing is to continue giving preference to dietary and healthy foods, then the effect of losing weight is guaranteed.

We are all different – this rule also applies to our eating habits

 Below we will offer you different solutions in accordance with the 80/20 diet.

If you:

Often buy excess food

It looks good – that’s what matters to you.

Mostly tasty, easy to find or cook and cheap.

Your favorite meal: hamburgers with fries.

80/20% solution: ask yourself every time before buying, do I really need this?

Also, avoid soft drinks and juices.


You are the opposite of the person who buys everything.

A foodie loves gourmet food and focuses on quality. He is in no hurry to shop. Price plays only a secondary role.

80/20% solution: drink enough. Often you confuse thirst with hunger. Reduce your wine intake to 1 cup per day. Alcohol makes you hungry and in this case you gain extra pounds. Especially in the evening, because you usually do not move at this time enough.

Limit sweets and desserts to 20 grams per day.

Calorie Economy

It is only about calculating calories.

20/80% solution: stop counting calories.

Do not be afraid of fat. Eat fully, do not snack without end, and concentrate on three protein-rich meals a day.

The diet should consist of 80% vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, nuts, natural grains, such as brown and wild rice, oats, or even lean meat and fish. Also natural dairy products: natural yogurt or cottage cheese and goat milk.

In principle, 80 percent of the diet is healthy, nutritious, high-quality and plant foods. This leads to the fact that the body is sufficiently supplied with important nutrients, while craving for food is reduced.

The idea of ​​the diet is that a 100% healthy diet is unlikely to be possible in the long run, while an 80% diet, however, is quite possible. The remaining 20 percent may consist of less wholesome and natural foods and, therefore, contain everything else that you like to eat.

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