Honey Boo Boo weight loss 2019

Honey Boo Boo weight loss 2019

Honey Boo Boo, or as her parents called her – Alana Thompson

In 2019, she turned 14 years old, and this is not the little girl that many people know and are used to seeing. She and her mother admit overweight apparent problems.

Recently, parents began to worry about the future of their child and put her on an oil-free diet, with which the girl was able to lose several pounds in a healthy way. But was the problem finally resolved? You can remove fat from the meal, but will fire completely leave her life?

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thomson lost 5 pounds, but she did not always understand why she was doing this and why she could not eat what she liked.

Honey Boo Boo weight loss 2019

An oil-free diet means a lack of fatty and fried foods, as well as fast food, which teenagers love so much. Mom June said in an interview that she was more worried about the health of the child than about her appearance, although appearance was also very important, especially for a teenage girl. It is not always important what others think of you, much more important is how you will feel at the same time.

Honey Boo Boo is probably the most popular American child with obesity. This is watched by many viewers of the television show. She grows, and with her age, pounds grow on her body. Experts say that if she does not get together at this age and does not begin to improve her health, then the dynamics of her body in adulthood will practically not change. But Alana Thomson loves burgers, potato chips, and peanut butter.

When fame gradually begins to leave Alana, public pressure and rejection of her appearance among peers may haunt her. This is the flip side of fame.

The little girl began her career by becoming a joke for many, she sells her image to the audience, while no one really cares what she feels and how comfortable she is in the body in which she has to live. Alana has a long way to go, which is called life, but what will happen if she wants to be taken seriously?

Maybe parents do not really want to lose weight Honey Boo Boo?

It sounds rude and implausible, but there are several reasons that can explain this from a logical point of view:

  • Spectators are used to seeing Alana Thompson with slightly overweight
  • She brings money to her parents
  • Since she is a child and she does not identify herself and does not compare with other girls, she is settled by the current way of life and the scope of what is permitted. Many people know that finding advice for this child is still this task!

Michael Anthony Ford said that he believes that children are being exploited, and expressed his attitude towards this, saying that he is upset and annoying him.

Honey Boo Boo weight loss 2019

Is there any excuse for mom mum June? Maybe she can’t find another way to make money besides exploiting the child? Or is it just slander from the envious? The facts can tell more: June’s was charged with possession of crack cocaine and cashing bad checks, as well as theft of $ 3,300 from a safe at McDonald’s in Georgia, where she worked.

How does mom June’s addiction to drugs affect Honey Boo Boo?

Increasingly, articles appear on the network that a little girl often jokes about cocaine. She conducted a live broadcast for fans on Facebook, in which she simulated the use of illegal substances.

To which some fans had a negative reaction, especially after the announcement that June’s mother was detained by police for possession of drugs.

When Alana was asked questions about Mom in an interview with Us Weekly, she only said that she was proud to see smiling June and that her mother was happy. Many hope that with age the child will understand the importance of the influence and the negative side of drugs and she will not follow the false path of life.

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