Delta Burke 2019 weight loss

Delta Burke 2019 weight loss

You probably remember who Delta Burke is. The role of Suzanne Sugarbaker, the vain ex-beauty queen on the television sitcom Designing Women, brought popularity to the actress. On the screen, everyone could watch a beautiful, energetic woman, although in fact she was constantly suffering from depression and her weight was gradually increasing. Then she was diagnosed with diabetes and the less often she appeared on the screens, the more she began to be forgotten. She was left alone with depression, overweight and serious health problems.

Young and Carefree Delta Burke

Being a young and charming twenty-year-old girl, Delta Burke always tried to keep herself in shape and in optimal weight. She used various diets and exercises to maintain her thinness. It is likely that this is what later became the cause of her illness. By the time the actress left the Designing Women show in 1991, her weight was 215 pounds, a bit too much for the beauty queen, right? She decided to pull herself together with proper nutrition and exercise, and finally began to lose weight. But, as it should be with proper weight loss, the weight goes away slowly.

Total despair and calm in the career of Delta Burke

By the 1998th year, Delta had a lull in her career, she did not perform and rarely appeared in society. Around the corner, a long and painful depression was waiting for her. At one point, everything fell upon her, from the death of her beloved pet, ending with diagnosed cancer in her mother and the death of her grandmother.

In order to somehow escape from the problems and take something on herself, Burke decided to develop a line of large-sized clothes for women. But her health set her up again. If at that moment she wanted to look slim and beautiful, diabetes progressed and did not allow her to do something for an effective result. The dream of developing clothes also had to be postponed in order to fully devote himself to treatment. In the same period of her mother’s life, who was sick with breast cancer, more thorough care was required. Delta Burke lost 20 pounds in the most stressful period of her life. Then the doctor told her that if she did not devote time and care to herself, then very soon she would have to take insulin to maintain life in her body. This frightened her very much, and she began to develop a nutrition program for herself, monitored blood sugar levels and systematically tested. Losing 20 pounds made her life easier.

Did love save the life of the Queen of Beauty?

Dark times began to end when the actress moved with her husband and mother to Los Angeles. Gerald McRaney may be credited with the “best husband” award. Delta talked about how his love heals her, how he gives her injections and absolutely frankly helps her keep track of her appearance and weight.

Delta began to take Byetta. This helped suppress her appetite and monitor her diet. It seemed that almost everything began to go up and she began to feel better. But her beloved husband had a lung cancer attack. But fortunately, he suffered it. It was a holiday for Delta that her mother and husband are alive. 

“This inspired me to pull myself together, take care of my health and engage in physical exercises, which really did not like”

Delta Burke 2019 weight loss is no longer a problem! She is in great shape and with her loving husband, with whom they have experienced so much together. It is possible that it was love that helped her in the fight against the disease and weight loss. All the same, in Hollywood, there are exceptions and faith in real feelings that cannot but inspire.


  1. When did Delta Burke change her face completely. I always thought of her aging gracefully. But she’s turning into that cat lady WHY WHY would u do this to yourself.

    1. I was astounded to see how her face had changed! She has always been a favorite.Shame on the person who recommended a Dr that would do that to her face! She has never appeared old..Now she looks like someone else!

  2. Plastic surgery and all this junk ruined a beautiful face!

  3. Yolanda and Michelle why would you leave such horrible in human comments? Delta is a warm and beautiful woman. ladies (and with you I use that word only as a marker) I’m pretty sure the face looking back at you in the mirror is just as disgusted at your behavior as I am. Maybe you should be looking at your nasty souls and making some changes yourselves. Too bad there isn’t plastic surgery for your souls.

    1. You are very right Aly. I would be very ashamed if I had said that.

  4. Why say such negative remarks to anyone especially to a person that just shared her struggles. Did you not read the article and look only a the pictures. This is a person. Never say anything to or about anyone that you wouldn’t like said to or about you.
    Not nice. Don’t use comments to hurt others.

  5. I met Delta Burke at a fundraiser. She opened up and talked with me on a personal level. It is decades later and I never discussed her personal details with anyone, nor would I, and I really liked her as a person. Down to earth. I am so glad she and Gerald M. are such a great match.

    I do wish they would do a TV series together. We need more good couples
    on TV!

  6. Me. Delta I have always though you were a very beautiful and funny actress. You still are. Bless you and your husband.

  7. Regarding the negative comments… It’s been around 30 yrs since she was on Designing Women. So, she’s aged. Also, she’s lost a lot of weight. She probably had sagging skin. If she wanted to fix that, more power to her. I guarantee, most of the people making negative comments would have done the same if they had the money to do it.

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