Strengthen your health and achieve a good shape visiting the sauna

Many people interested in the issue of losing weight will probably be surprised by the fact that regular visits to the sauna contribute to the normalization of weight, and its decrease is noticeable already in the first session. This is due to the acceleration of metabolic processes and the removal of fluids and toxins from the body.

Athletes, for example, visit the sauna quite often to fix the result and get in shape before the competition. Sauna is an effective way for them to relax the muscles and remove excess water from the body. Of course, applying their methods to us can be dangerous to health, due to the unpreparedness of the body for such procedures. But it is worth paying attention to the most necessary aspects of visiting the sauna.

Rules for visiting the sauna

• Do not become too cold. In the first room, while resting, put on a piece of clothes to normalize your body temperature;

• When leaving the sauna do not take a shower or swimming in the pool. Reception of cooling water procedures delays sweating;

• For greater effect, you can pour hot water and salt, dress and go to the steam room to sweat for 8-10 minutes. After going out, rinse under a hot shower and rinse off the salt;

• Every time before visiting the sauna, take a warm or hot shower and wipe dry;

• Do not linger in the steam room for a long time. Frequent visits to 5-10 minutes are much more effective. During rest, sweating will continue for a long time;

• When you feel a decrease in perspiration, you can drink no more than a glass of warm water with lemon. This will resume intense sweating.

Our pieces of advice

1. Warming up gradually

First, take a warm shower. After that dry with a towel. And only then go to the steam room. It is important to prepare the body for thermal procedures. Steam in the bath to lose weight is very easy.

2. Use aroma oils

For effective reducing weight in the sauna, use aromatic oil while warming. For example, orange or eucalyptus oil would be a perfect choice. The main thing – do not overuse it! It is enough for you 10, a maximum of 20 drops. Add them to the hot water bucket and sprinkle on benches, walls, and floors.

3. Take care of your skin

After visiting the sauna, be sure to rinse in warm water and dry with a dry towel. Use a scrub or peeling. They act much better on steamed skin. And after such a deep cleansing, you can apply a moisturizing mask.

4. Drink clean water

High temperatures and hot steam accelerate the work of sweat and sebaceous glands. We are actively sweating, as a result – we are losing extra pounds. But at the same time, our body removes a lot of water and this is fraught with undesirable consequences.

5. Have a massage

We have already found out that thermal procedures improve blood circulation, and cellulite disappears. But to speed up this process and lose weight faster in the bath, you can do a massage with honey in problem areas.

6. Do not overeat

Do not eat 2 hours before visiting the sauna. Otherwise, you will feel bad. Immediately after the bath, planning a dinner is also unnecessary. Salt, which is in any hearty food, is quite prevented from losing extra pounds.

Which sauna to choose to feel healthy?

You will say: there is hot air and steam in any sauna, what’s the difference? But still, different saunas are different.

Turkish hammam is a low-temperature regime, only 50 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for those who are difficult to tolerate high temperatures.

The Finnish sauna is dry hot steam and temperature up to 80 degrees. People here just lies or sits on a shelf and sweats.

Russian bath is the hottest. The steam is humid, and the temperature can reach 110 degrees!

How much can you lose weight in the sauna?

For one correct session in the bath, you can lose about 4 pounds. To achieve such an effect, profuse sweating must be stimulated. For example, there are two ways: rub the body with honey and salt or use aromatic oils.

Both of these agents cause profuse sweating, which continues even after exiting the steam room. That’s why you can’t cool down immediately after the steam room – this will stop sweating. If you want to return to your ideal form – be patient, do not jump into the pool and do not run under a cold shower.

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