How to choose the right diet for a teenager?

How to choose the right diet for a teenager?

Almost 40% of the world’s population is obese. It is according to statistics. The main category of them is people under 25 years old, mostly young women. After 25, the number of patients is leveled, demographic, gender and age characteristics are not observed. If we talk about adolescents, every fifth is obese.

Normalization of body weight can be achieved by several methods. The bases are diet correction, physical activity and lack of hormonal problems or their correction.

It is much more difficult for teenagers to lose weight due to the puberty period when the endocrine profile is in a chaotic state.

Why does a teenager have a growing bodyweight?

The most obvious factor is changes in the endocrine profile. From about 11-12 years old and until 17-20 the body is rebuilt in a new way. This is the so-called puberty, preparing the body for the implementation of reproductive function. The level of estrogen in girls’ bodies is growing. Sex hormones play a role not only in ensuring fertility, libido and other reproductive moments. They also indirectly affect the concentration of other specific substances involved in the regulation of vascular tone, lipid metabolism.

It is difficult to eliminate the problem on your own. Correction of the diet, an accurate calculation of the ratio of consumed energy and the compilation of a special diet are required. It is necessary to visit a nutritionist. It is most effective to lose weight at the age of 18-19.

 Unbalanced diet

The teenage years are the age of increasing mental stress. There is not enough time for a good diet. Chocolate bars, fast food, and others go into business. Digestible carbohydrates, fats, sugar in large quantities lead to stable deterioration indigestion, pancreas. The result may be severe diabetes mellitus. All of these symptoms may occur later. Obesity is considered a risk factor and a signal of diabetes at the same time.

Genetic factor

We all have a unique genetic code. If weight gaining is characteristic for other family members, it can be the first reason for the extra pounds of a teenager. Genetically obese people are much more difficult to lose weight due to body resistance. But there is nothing impossible.

Endocrine diseases

The most difficult to correct the endocrine profile. This includes hypothyroidism, insufficient production of thyroid hormones, aforementioned diabetes, brain tumors, and other diagnoses.

Diet purpose

A proper diet is one of the main components of weight correction. To correctly formulate a diet, you need to consider at least three factors:

  • The ratio of weight and height, your complexion, body constitution;
  • The daily need for calories, energy;
  • Human preferences in food. Without taking into account gastronomic tastes, it is impossible to prescribe a diet. The process of losing weight lasts a lifetime: first, bodyweight is normalized, and then we try to secure the output. With a poor-quality, tasteless menu, long-term maintenance of the diet is impossible. The teenager quickly breaks down and begins to eat intensely. The body suffers and collects fat in case of another hunger time.

Here is a list of the best products teenagers need to eat:

  • Sour-milk products with minimal fat content;
  • Legumes. The best sources of protein;
  • Bread;
  • Meat;
  • Vegetables and fruits. They should be fresh;
  • Low – fat soups;
  • Fish. Including redfish;
  • Cereals;
  • Dried fruits and honey;
  • Berries.


  • Sweets, chocolates, and desserts;
  • Cookies, muffins;
  • Fat meat;
  • Canned food, semi-finished goods. They contain a huge amount of salt, which stresses the kidneys, heart, and endocrine system. The recommended amount of salt is 7 grams per day;
  • Fried foods, smoked meats, marinades;
  • Tea and coffee.


You need to eat 4-6 times per day. You can plan your diet giving your daily routine.

The ideal option is to eat at the same time every day.

Cooking should be done by boiling, steaming and baking. Frying should be an exception.

You need to drink about 2 liters of water per day. Without gas and sugar.

Training process

Physical stress is increased because of the stabilization of the body’s functions. Physical activities are recommended for weight loss: short-distance running, swimming, cycling.

Medicine for bodyweight normalizing

The use of medicines at a young age is strongly discouraged. This is a direct path to endocrine disorders, diseases of the central nervous system, dysmetabolic disorders on the part of the brain and other disorders. Such drugs are prescribed only by a doctor, based on the severity of the situation. The specialist tries not to prescribe means of central action that suppress the feeling of hunger.

 What you should not do

It is strictly forbidden as part of body weight correction:

  • Take weight loss products without a doctor’s recommendation
  • Also, deviate from the recommended dosages. This is a direct way to develop side effects and reduce the effectiveness of the process. After cancellation, the mass will first return to its original values. The second time to lose weight will be much more difficult.
  • Break the diet
  • Switching to a new diet
  • Forget about physical activity

How to consolidate success?

At the first stage, if there are any endocrine diseases, it is recommended to adjust the condition of internal organs and hormonal levels. Only then start to lose weight. This is a guarantee of a high-quality, long-term result.

Your physical activity depends on the well-being and the needs of the body. It’s not worth to throw the cap over the mill.

 Losing weight quickly is not always possible even in the case of adults’ efforts. You can try, but will your attempt be successful? There are some doubts. To get a qualitative result, you need to change your habits, life, behavior. This is not a quick process. Remember, that the average rate of proper weight loss is 1-3 kilograms per month.

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