30 day water challenge weight loss results

What will happen if you control the intake of water for a month: 30-day water challenge weight loss results

Addisyn Carpenter
28 years
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From all sides, we only hear that an adult needs to drink plenty of water. But for some reason, we begin to adhere to these rules only when we are sick, want to lose weight or see negative changes in our body that require replenishment of the water balance.

Did you know that the feeling of thirst is not just the usual need of the body for water, but direct exhaustion, you must constantly replenish your water balance and try to prevent expressed thirst. Few people know that you can go too far and drink too much water, which will not benefit your body and can cause kidney problems in general.

Some experts say that drinking a lot of water is good, others say that you should not force yourself, your body knows better what resources it needs, and you get a signal about it. Each time it is worth considering many other external circumstances, for example, to take water for weight loss, for illness, for kidney weakness, or vice versa, how much water you need to drink if you are absolutely healthy.

I will share with you my experience of the correct planning of water consumption for weight loss, as well as the results of my experiment.

Rules for the proper consumption of water for an adult

It is a fact that water contributes to the freshness and elasticity of the skin, the density, and the quality of hair and nails. And if with the help of water you also want to adjust your weight, then remember the correct proportions: for 1 kilogram of a person’s weight, you should drink 30 ml of water per day. Drink water earlier than one and a half hours after eating and 20-30 minutes before eating.

While you drink water, do it evenly, in small portions, throughout the day. The main rule, which is very simple, but many people often confuse that water is only water! Normal, clear water. Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, and other drinks are not included in daily consumption, as they belong to another category of consumed liquids.

Your body takes water at room temperature best. Coldwater reduces immunity, causes drowsiness and weakness in the body. Over time, drinking water will become a good habit. You will stop thinking that it is time to drink water, and force yourself to do it. Just keep a bottle of water with you and it will remind you of yourself.

When we try to lose weight, water plays an important role. It regulates body temperature, removes decay products from the body, delivers nutrients, oxygen, and glucose to cells provides the natural moisture of the skin and other tissues, makes joints more flexible and helps strengthen muscles.

In addition, you can write a separate chapter on how water affects and regulates digestion, and this is so important when we are losing weight. You need very little time to get used to the constant flow of water.

Some interesting facts about water:

1. Due to sufficient water intake, salt is excreted from the body, which reduces the ability to retain water in the body.

2. If you consume enough water, you can avoid stretch marks as a result of weight loss.

3. If you promise to drink water regularly today, the need to keep it in your body is reduced. Because of this, a sharp decrease in weight can be observed.

4. Adequate water intake (daily rate), reduces the amount of visceral fat in the abdominal cavity.

5. The most famous fact about water: a person can live without food for several weeks, and without water for only 2-3 days.

You will not lose weight only with water!

Obviously! Basically, your schedule should include physical fitness, which will be supported by proper nutrition. Water plays the role of additional strength, which contributes and supports the result. Water should also be drunk during exercise so that the body does not suffer from dehydration.

On average, they drink 150-200 ml every 15-20 minutes, 500 ml 2-3 hours before training, and also within 2 hours after training to replenish the body. Consider the features of the season and weather. If it is hot outside in the summer, water leaves your body faster, especially if you play sports. From personal experience, I can say that my 30-day water challenge weight loss yielded results. I am completely sure that the right intake will increase the number of kilograms, making my classes more effective.

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