Weight loss plan

If you decide to lose weight, then you need to read this article. Here we will prove that before starting to lose weight, it is very important to think about everything in advance and draw up a plan for your weight loss. Therefore, it will be much easier to succeed and not stop in difficult periods – there are so many temptations around. These seven steps will help you to do introspection and make a weight loss plan.

Ask yourself

The main questions you should ask yourself are: “Do I need this?”; “Is excess weight  stopping me or is it the influence of others’ opinions, the prejudices of society?”; “Do I want to lose weight just for myself (and for my own sake) or am I doing this for someone else?”

Control your habits

The next thing to do is to identify your bad habits and think about how you are ready to change them. If it is too difficult to quit smoking while losing weight, then you will need to forget about visits to the bar. By the way, we also can add to the list regular bad sleep, which affects extremely badly both the shape and the process of losing weight.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Ask yourself why you are overweight. It is very important to identify the cause because in this way you will be able to realize the problem. Also, the problem may lie in the wrong lifestyle or improper food system. Maybe you don’t follow the drinking plan, but instead, drink a lot of sweet fruit juices?

Make a list of your favorite foods

Write down all your preferences. Do you like fried? Salty? Dressing salad with fat sauce? Next to what is considered harmful and not related to a healthy diet, indicate an alternative: replace fried with grill, fat sauce with yogurt. List in your notes all the foods and dishes that you love. Diet is not always a complete rejection of delicious food; any dish can be adapted to your diet.


Now you can choose the right nutrition system for you. What is the point? If you do not like meat, a protein diet is not for you. Go not only by your taste preferences but also by the time that you have for cooking. Analyze your calendar. On birthdays, you can make yourself a cheat meal; once a week allow yourself something forbidden, etc.

Choose your favorite activity

Finally, you need to think about the types of activity that you like. If you do not like power loads, then choose yoga. If in the morning you are full of energy, then morning training is for you. Ask yourself: what would you be able to do always? Maybe it is dancing, or maybe you like boxing? Try a few different one-time pieces of training to make a choice.

Make a plan for the day

How much time can you devote to training? Work, family, and friends – all this forms your lifestyle that will not adapt to your new schedule. If you spend most of the time at work, choose home workouts. Do you have a dog? Instead of a lazy morning walk, try to run. Spare a while for yourself in your busy schedule is possible and necessary.

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