Andy Reid weight loss 2020

Andy Reid is Kansas city chief head coach. He was a purposeful person from his childhood. Once starting to play, he could not give up the sport and continued his career as a coach. The transition from active sports to the coaching activity affected his health significantly – he gained almost 60 pounds. In this article, we are telling you how he managed to lose weight and what he did for this.

Characteristics of overweight in men

The man’s body differs from the woman’s body in its ability to burn fat faster and accumulate it more slowly. If you follow the same diet, then women lose weight 23 percent slower than men.

This is due to the greater muscle mass in a man and, accordingly, the higher main metabolism (the amount of energy spent to maintain vital activity at rest at a comfortable temperature).

Besides, fat cells are smaller in men than in women, and they are less active. Women have more fat-forming enzymes; men have more fat-splitting enzymes. Accordingly, it is easier for a man to lose weight; it is easier to keep it after losing weight than a woman. The female body is more active than the male body configured to accumulate fat.

How to lose weight with a man?

If men knew that their very nature helps them lose weight, then they would decide the need to lose weight more easily and often. However, unfortunately, such a solution most often comes when there are problems: diabetes, hypertension, pathology of the musculoskeletal system, coronary heart disease, etc. The worst situation occurs when a person does not start to do anything, to save his life. Fortunately, we have examples of decisive people who have been able to lose more than 50 pounds, for example, Andy Reid.

The man’s body is characterized by a high content of the hormone testosterone, which is synthesized from cholesterol in the greatest amount and, to a lesser extent, in the adrenal cortex. The mass of muscle tissue, bone tissue, sperm synthesis correlates with testosterone levels. 

To keep testosterone levels good, you need to have enough cholesterol.

Accordingly, a diet for men should also assume a sufficient intake of fats from food. It should be taken into account that factor that with obesity a lot of testosterone with adipose tissue turns into estrogen, and its level tends to decrease. It turns out a vicious circle, which can be broken by reducing fat mass.

An effective diet for a man must include chicken, quail eggs, low-fat meat, beef liver, low-fat cheese, and oily fish.

Some rules

It is important to use the advantages of the male body – the percentage of developed muscles and more. A lot of energy is used for their work, which means that fat, which is stored in our body in the form of fat reserves, can be used to.

There is no doubt that physical activity is needed. You need to walk more – this is a relatively small physical activity. Aerobic exercise involves the use of a large amount of oxygen. It is estimated that to consume 4.8 kcal during the burning (oxidation) of fat, we spend 1 liter of oxygen. The more oxygen your body gets, the faster the metabolism will be, and, accordingly, the rate of fat burning will increase. When walking, blood microcirculation will improve, which will further accelerate the delivery of oxygen to fat tissues and leaching of fat from fat cells into the blood. Therefore, we can lose weight faster.

Training Rules

The first is that if you went for a walk in the morning and did not eat, then there will be no glucose entering the blood from the intestines.

The second point – active fat burning after physical exercise will stop if there is a meal. Then the flow of glucose into the blood will improve, and the body will not use the energy from the fat reserves, as it will have an available source in the form of glucose.

In any case, you need to consult a doctor to assess the condition of your body and create a plan.

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