The best way to lose 5 pounds fast is not to rush

The best way to lose 5 lbs quickly is not to rush

In blogs, forums, and articles, more often than not everyone writes about how to lose weight if you are obese, but few describe the small weight problems that lead to obesity if you do not deal with them in time. Of course, people who want to lose 60-70 pounds need more support and advice than those who want to lose 5. But maybe a slight increase in weight is the first sign of dangerous and unwanted excess weight?

I am a responsible person not only in relation to affairs in society but also in relation to myself. My views on life are very conservative, so I even try to keep the same weight, if global change does not happen in my life.

Once, after a long period of holidays, when I did not control much how much I eat and what I eat, I found that I gained 5 pounds. Naturally, they had to be reset! If I were more passionate and impatient in nature, I would read articles like “lose 5 pounds a day easily!”, But I’m a person who lives in 2019 and has the information, as well as verified facts, that if you want to lose weight without harming the body, Do not rush to do this and do not monitor how many pounds you have lost or gained in the last hour. If you, like me, find a problem, build yourself an action plan, along with the rules that you will have to follow and set a time frame, as I call it “re-verification”.

My action plan

Refuse fatty and fried foods, as well as fast food. In general, it is not recommended to eat it on other days when you are not losing weight, it generally affects you badly, but having an average comfortable weight, I would not limit myself if I wanted to buy a burger on my way home.

It is necessary to have breakfast every day. Moreover, the more satisfying the first meal, the longer it will last.

Limit yourself from dinner or eat a small portion. I beg you, just do not starve. If you set yourself the rule to refuse dinner, this does not mean that you will sit and want to eat, but deny yourself. If you want to eat – go ahead, just do it wisely. Greek salad is perfect. The main thing is not to eat food immediately before bedtime, it is better not to eat for 2-3 hours.

Sport is the cure for all diseases. You are bored – go for a run, you are depressed – go to the gym. Many can tell me that this is cruel, but for me, every time self-flagellation is an occasion to make myself better. Forget about procrastination and laziness, remember that life is movement and you must keep up with it. The tighter the framework you put yourself in, the stronger you will thank yourself for it.

I planned a re-verification for 3 weeks. Well, you know, only a lazy psychologist did not write about this. 21 days that you do not! Stop smoking – try to hold out for 21 days! Start running – run for 21 days first. And so on. I am sorry that in my article you don’t hear my ironic voice, but yes, I’m one of those people that when I call myself, I also say – give me 21 days.

It seems I deviated from the topic. Three weeks later, I lost 5 pounds, which interfered with my perfectionism. I am strict with myself, but every time I thank myself for my self-organization. And no, I’m not a narcissist.

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