Reasons Why Women Should Do Strength Training

You can lose fat while doing cardio, but many underestimate the effect of strength training on the female body. In this article, we will analyze why women should focus on strength training.

Slow cardio will make you weak

If you run on a treadmill for an hour to burn 300 calories. To start burning fat you need to run for several hours. Besides the fact that with such a slow, boring, and long cardio workout, you will burn a minimum of calories, you can be sure that with such a workout you will lose some part of the muscles and get tired.

The less muscle you have in your body, the more fat will accumulate in your body, making it even harder for you to lose weight and even harder to maintain the weight you are satisfied with.

And to make matters worse, the loss of hormones from adipose tissue was virtually unaffected during cardio workouts. You will not start your metabolism, which means that when you get off the treadmill, you will not burn calories during the day, as you imagined.

A far better alternative to traditional cardio workouts is the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Workout). HIIT is a cardio method during which intense exercises (in the form of a sprint) alternate with a period of rest. For example, run at a fast pace for 30 seconds, and then go on a walk for 60 seconds and repeat this cycle eight times.

This exercise uses fat cells and burns more calories to maintain an accelerated metabolism for longer and takes less time. One study found that HIIT was nine times more effective in burning fat than classic cardio. Thus, it is nine times more effective than traditional cardio, but still not as effective as weight lifting.

High-Intensity Interval Workout

In one experiment, more than 700 women did strength training for over 25 minutes three times a week. What was the result? They gained almost 3 pounds of muscle and lost 8 pounds of fat. If you are even a little familiar with how the physical structure of the body works, then you know that this is a radical change.

Thus, heavy weight lifting burns s huge amount of calories. However, this is not the reason why lifting weights is so effective for burning fat. When you lift something heavy, you expose your body to metabolic reactions that allow you to use nucleotides better and continue to burn calories for 36 hours after training.

This is BMR, which controls how many calories your body burns during rest. If you gain more muscle mass, it will increase your BMR, during which you can eat and stay slim. The more muscle mass in your body is, the less fat will accumulate, and the more difficult it will be to gain weight.

You will have more power and you feel great

Studies show that even more, moderate strength training can double female strength.

Along with a feeling of pride that accompanies complex workouts and breaks personal records (it’s very easy to track progress when you strengthen your body), your body will produce a dose of endorphins. They affect us like a drug, of course, without side effects.

You will not be too big

Hormones such as testosterone are responsible for muscle growth, and there are 10-30 times less of this hormone in the female body than in men’s bodies. You are unlikely to belong to this small group of women that can gain a big muscle mass, but if you notice any irregular muscle growth, stop and change your training plan.

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